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Bars & Restaurants Are Our Community

Have you ever read or heard about the Blue Zone Diet? The book talks about a handful of populations of in different regions that have the most centurions (i.e., people that live to be 100). That might not be everyone’s goal but it sure sounds cool to me. Granted, the types of rest, food and…Read More

Being an Insurance Salesman

I meet people all the time and they ask me what I do. Saying I am an insurance salesman and company owner seems so misguided to me. Really, I am in the business of building relationships and protecting people. That’s what I do. Insurance is the vehicle that I use that but it doesn’t define…Read More

Craft Brewery Insurance

Just the other day when I was driving around town I noticed another new craft brewery in my area. It’s exciting to see these concepts popping up, and even more exciting is the energy one gets when talking to the owners. Brewery owners seem to bring so much passion and knowledge to the table. Many…Read More

Changing Insurance Needs for Evolving Restaurants and Bars

Over the past several years restaurants and bars have continued to experience significant growth. Their sales continue to go up with no clear limit in site. People proclaim that they would rather go out to eat than stay home and restaurateurs are getting more and more savvy about how to not only provide quality food…Read More

When Does My Bar or Restaurant Insurance Coverage Need to Start?

Opening day, right? That seems like a healthy assumption that most would make when thinking about activating their insurance policy. However, a lot of work goes in prior to opening. This means that opening day is actually the culmination of work, not the beginning. With that philosophy in mind, it’s important to consider potential risk…Read More

Insurance Policy Check-Up

By David Delorenzo When was the last time you read, and made sure you understood your insurance policy? Maybe you’re opening a new restaurant and/or bar and you need to have coverage; or perhaps you’ve been open or years, and you are just not sure if you have the best coverage for the best price….Read More

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