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The Arizona Farmer and Chef Connection

In an effort to support the growth and collaborations of local businesses, Bar and Restaurant Insurance has partnered with Local’s First Arizona to sponsor an exciting event this fall. The Arizona Farmer and Chef Connection  happening on September 12, 2016, is designed to bring together local food producers and wholesale buyers where they can interact,…Read More

Craft Brewery Insurance

Just the other day when I was driving around town I noticed another new craft brewery in my area. It’s exciting to see these concepts popping up, and even more exciting is the energy one gets when talking to the owners. Brewery owners seem to bring so much passion and knowledge to the table. Many…Read More

Changing Insurance Needs for Evolving Restaurants and Bars

Over the past several years restaurants and bars have continued to experience significant growth. Their sales continue to go up with no clear limit in site. People proclaim that they would rather go out to eat than stay home and restaurateurs are getting more and more savvy about how to not only provide quality food…Read More

Benefits of Buying Local

Benefits of Buying Local Rumor has it there is a trend moving toward supporting local businesses and moving away from huge impersonal businesses. While some of those have their place, I hope this rumor bears some truth. Supporting local business can have so many benefits, for our communities and our families. Having been a locally…Read More

The Value of Customer Service for Bars and Restaurants

When it comes to setting yourself apart, customer service is key. It can make or break a patron’s experience in a restaurant. In a competitive market, excellent customer service is essential and the great thing is that it just requires setting an expectation among staff that customers are paramount. Here are five tips taken from…Read More

When Does My Bar or Restaurant Insurance Coverage Need to Start?

Opening day, right? That seems like a healthy assumption that most would make when thinking about activating their insurance policy. However, a lot of work goes in prior to opening. This means that opening day is actually the culmination of work, not the beginning. With that philosophy in mind, it’s important to consider potential risk…Read More

Tips for Navigating the Devoured Culinary Classic

The Devoured Culinary Classic comes to Phoenix with a weeklong celebration starting February 28th and culminating Sunday, March 6th with an event designed to showcase local fine food and drink producers and purveyors. The event on Sunday will be held at the Phoenix Art Museum (hyperlink to this site www.phxart.org) and is perfect for anyone…Read More

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