Building a Strong Client Relationships as an Insurance Brokerage is Crucial

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How many times have you called a vendor or insurance brokerage only to have to sit and wait for the prompts to get you to a human?

Perhaps you pressed that 0 button 100 times hoping it would bypass you to someone on the other end that wants to chat with you?

The more we are subject to becoming sheltered in our own homes, the more we lose that human experience.

Food being delivered to you by a stranger and packages arriving from some mystical place online are just two examples of how we have lost connection with others.  The distance between who we are as humans and how we interact with others is becoming more and more separated, physically and mentally.

That is one reason why people feel good when they gather and connect with others. They feel the human element of others and the energy that surrounds us.

insurance brokerage in arizona

This is how I like to run my insurance brokerage.  I enjoy the personal touch of seeing people and getting to know them.  Understanding what makes them happy, how they want to succeed and live in this life and how I can support them gives me purpose.

Taking the time to understand this about others shows that you care and that you are listening.  Not only am I creating a bond, but I am becoming an asset to their lives.  I aim to become someone my clients can talk to not only about business but also about how their business decisions can help them personally.

Business is just one aspect of people as a whole.  It is part of a greater purpose and picture.  When you understand what it is that makes people happy in one aspect of their lives you can solve a lot for them.

I choose to celebrate my ability to connect with others.  To listen to their needs, and to provide a service of value and a relationship to them.

If we all wanted online transactions then we might as well become robots and not have any thoughts for ourselves.