Why Do You Need Arizona Bar Insurance?

Why Do You Need Arizona Bar Insurance?

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Arizona bar insurance is vital to keeping your bar safe and funded. Countless issues can go wrong in your average bar. From lawsuits to damages and everything in between, running a bar is sometimes fraught with complications and difficulties. Arizona bar insurance can help to cut down on.

But why do you need Arizona bar insurance? Some bars decide to avoid it entirely and see it as an extra cost. Here are some of the most important reasons to look into getting insurance for your Arizona bar.

Do I need Different Insurance for a Bar?

What exactly defines a bar, and how is bar insurance any different from restaurant insurance Arizona? Bars serve alcoholic beverages generally consumed on the premises and are open late into the night, often into the early morning. They’re predominantly social establishments and commonly small businesses. Most bars hold small events and include activities such as karaoke and dancing.

Why Does a Bar Need Insurance?

Bar insurance is vital to protect your establishment from the myriad of issues that can arise. When you think of insurance, you might only think of damages. While there are countless ways that these can occur, there are many more scenarios to think of than simple damages to the equipment.


Damages can occur easily in a bar, especially as the night goes on and clients become more intoxicated. While you should always know how to handle customers and ensure not to let anyone get intoxicated to the point of being problematic, sometimes things are out of your control. Even if there isn’t any malice in the damage, it’s not uncommon for customers to break something. 

Why Do You Need Arizona Bar Insurance?

Protect the Bar from Liability Lawsuits

Lawsuits are difficult to deal with no matter what the situation around them is. They can cause thousands in fees and damage productivity and business for years to come. You can protect your bar from liability lawsuits with the right insurance policy. Many policies will include some of the following features:

  • Assault and battery insurance coverage. When alcohol is involved, things sometimes get violent. This coverage policy can protect you from liability if guests decide to begin brawling. Otherwise, you can be held liable for the safety of patrons since it happened on your property.
  • Valet insurance. Some bars offer valet, especially in larger cities. Valet insurance can help pay for damage to cars that were in the care of your valet employees.
  • General liability insurance. This, as the name suggests, is the most general and crucial. General liability insurance helps with claims for bodily injuries or damage to property involving your bar. It’s important to look into a separate policy for specific hazards such as a dance stage or mechanical bull for guests.


Employees are often endangered at work, whether it be by the clientele or the job itself. Bartenders especially are surrounded by hot surfaces, sharp implements, tripping hazards, and plenty of other dangers.

It’s important to think of your employees when you look into Arizona bar insurance. A good idea is to look into health insurance specifically. Arizona health insurance is complicated and constantly under change. For example, Arizona doesn’t require citizens to maintain individual coverage. There’s also a shortage of doctors in Arizona, ranking 44th out of all 50 states.

All of that means that having insurance for your employees can be a massive plus for people that otherwise may struggle to find coverage. This can also help keep your employees healthy and able to work, improving your bar’s efficiency and profitable bottom line. 

Protect Assets and Property

There are a wide number of policies that you may want to look into for your bar. Protection of your assets and property is likely the first thing you think of when insurance is being discussed. The most common of these is building coverage which, unsurprisingly, insures the building your bar is in. This coverage deals with falling objects, weather damage, fire, vandalism, theft, and other general damages.

A content policy is important to secure your bar’s furniture and equipment. It will cover things like pool tables, jukeboxes, speaker systems, televisions, and the like. Similar is an equipment breakdown coverage policy, which handles when a mechanical failure damages or destroys equipment.

Flood insurance is an individual cost that will require its own coverage plan. This insurance plan is a good one to have no matter what, but it is completely invaluable if you live in a flood-sensitive area. Finally, lost income policies can help keep your business afloat in times of unexpected closure, such as the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

Common Risks and Hazards

Arizona bar insurance is vital due to the high number of risks and hazards the average bar will face. Consider the following as some of the more likely reasons that restaurant insurance Arizona is a crucial purchase.

Lighting Concerns

Most bars are dimly lit and occupied during nighttime. This fact makes it so that most hazards need to be marked and dealt with swiftly. You should mark changes in elevation with bright colored tape, usually yellow, for example. In dim lighting, people are much more likely to trip over a hard-to-see step. Spills also need to be cleaned up as quickly as possible.


A common hazard is, unfortunately, customers themselves. Businesses must train their employees in how to deal with unruly customers, and security should know how to deal with weaponry. Most bars don’t allow people to bring in weapons such as knives or firearms. Activities of security guards and bouncers will need to be documented in case of a future lawsuit after an altercation.

Wiring Exposures

As time goes on, wiring often becomes exposed after the appliance wears down. It’s a common occurrence in refrigerators, air conditioning systems, and any cooking equipment. If this wiring fails, there can be catastrophic damage or simply a failure of equipment. Make sure the insurance covers them in case worst comes to worst.