Why You Need Assault and Battery Insurance for Your Bar or Restaurant

assault and battery insurance bar and restaurant insurance arizona

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Bars and restaurants without assault and battery insurance will greatly risk the financial security of their establishment. These facilities in the hospitality industry tend to get loud and rowdy, especially when alcohol is being served. 

As such, you never know when a bar fight might break out. Even in the best of circumstances, when people drink too much, they may trip and hurt themselves as well as someone else.

In this guide, we will cover everything you’ll need to learn about battery and assault insurance to run a successful restaurant or bar. Keep reading to learn what type of coverage assault and battery liability insurance provides and why bars are responsible for their patrons’ injuries.

What Does Assault and Battery Insurance Mean?

Before we delve into this type of insurance further, what is assault and battery insurance coverage? Let’s find out!

Assault and battery insurance is a somewhat narrow type of coverage. It financially protects your establishment in case of threats to someone’s safety or physical violence between individuals in which a fight leads to injuries on your restaurant’s or bar’s property.

You can define assault as a threatening, violent, or verbal action that leads a person to fear their safety is at risk. Battery is an illegal force that is meant to hurt another person, such as physically hitting someone or touching someone without their consent. 

assault and battery insurance bar and restaurant insurance arizona

Even offensive touching, such as poking a customer in the chest using one’s index finger, may count as battery.

Suppose a case of assault and/or battery occurs on your premises. In that case, assault and battery insurance coverage will pay all legal fees, medical bills, and other settlements on your behalf. 

Why Are Bars and Restaurants at Fault in Case of Patrons’ Injuries?

The reason that bars and restaurants are culpable in case of a physical fight and customers becoming injured is due to the establishments serving liquor. Whenever waiters or bartenders serve alcohol, the liquor is capable of impairing their patrons’ mental capacities and leading to greater impulsivity. 

Intoxicated people may claim the alcohol caused violent behavior and/or injuries. As such, bars and restaurants serving alcohol are responsible for any injuries sustained at their facilities due to a fight or other altercation. 

What Type of Coverage Does Assault and Battery Insurance Provide?

Assault and battery insurance coverage protects a business owner from several different incidents that can occur at a bar, restaurant, nightclub, or other venues. The type of incidents that this insurance usually covers includes:

  • Confrontations, such as a mugging that occur near your bar when someone leaves
  • Injuries that occur during a bar fight
  • Sexual assault and sexual harassment
  • Emotional harm due to someone witnessing a violent act or due to verbal abuse
  • Someone who wasn’t served alcohol at your establishment comes in and causes an altercation/injuries

In Case of Muggings

This type of coverage is not limited to only those altercations that occur when someone is inside your tavern, bar, or restaurant. If a mugging took place or someone got into a fight near your building, and on your property, you may still be liable. However, the assault and battery insurance should still cover you.

If someone is hurt during a mugging near your establishment, their medical costs may qualify for an assault and battery claim. The terms of your coverage, the description of the incident, and the injured person’s health insurance all drive how a claim is managed.

In Case of Bar Fights and Injuries

Liquor assault and battery insurance covers injuries that occur during a bar fight. This type of fight usually takes place among two or more patrons who become intoxicated. The policy often covers the injuries of both those who are in the fight as well as any harm that comes to bystanders.

In Case of Sexual Harassment and Assault

Insurance assault & battery policies often cover sexual assault incidents as well. Liquor establishments, like bars, can lead people to become less inhibited and to potentially take advantage of other people. 

Whenever someone may face sexual harassment or assault from a patron or even an employee, the victim can file a lawsuit against both the accused as well as your establishment.

If you have strong coverage, the insurance should pay for the legal fees and settlements associated with this type of lawsuit. 

In Case of Emotional Trauma and Verbal Abuse

Emotional harm due to violence or other fearful incident witnessed can lead bystanders to file lawsuits. With increased violence and the prevalence of lawsuits, it is essential for bars, restaurants, and other establishments that serve alcohol to adopt assault and battery insurance.

Emotional trauma can also be related to verbal abuse sustained during an altercation. If multiple people are affected by violence, and there were several witnesses, the legal fees associated with such a lawsuit can be staggering. As such, coverage is vital. 

Who Needs to Purchase Assault and Battery Insurance?

The different types of liability insurance assault and battery policies are essential for many establishments that serve alcohol, such as:

  • Nightclubs
  • Pubs and taverns
  • Live music venues
  • Lounges
  • Sports bars and standard bars
  • Restaurants
  • Comedy clubs
  • Jazz clubs

How Much for Assault and Battery Insurance Coverage

Now that you understand the importance of this type of insurance, are you wondering: What is assault and battery charge for liquor insurance? The average cost for this type of policy ranges from $900 to $1,200 per year. However, your overall rate depends on the deductible and limit you choose. 

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