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Combining Passion and Career

I’m here to let you in on a little secret: when you combine what drives you personally with your professional life, you open the door that allows passion to flow through all you do. You become better, all around. To me, there’s no greater example of this success than my dad.

For over a decade, my dad has been a competitive bodybuilder. His intense zeal for health consistently pushes him to be the best that he can be, both physically and mentally. My dad is now 71 years old, and is at the peak of his craft.

This passion is evident in the way that my dad conducts business, as well. These two seemingly contrasting loves, bodybuilding and insurance, are both intrinsically within him. He

combines his knowledge and expertise in both areas to not only promote his work, but to help others while doing it. When you are enthusiastic about work and can connect it to what really drives you, you enter a state of flow. You become your highest self, and you can rise to any occasion.

I have learned a lot from my dad over the years. He’s a proud man, and he promotes vigorously the virtues of honesty, morality, and passion. And although I’m not one for the spray tans and speedos, I carry with me my dad’s passion for athletics and health in each race I run. I aim to set an example in the hospitality industry, just as he has in the insurance realm. I guess you could say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.


A Life Lesson from Han Solo

I’ve been thinking about a phrase used several times throughout the Star Wars franchise:

“I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

What does it mean to trust your gut reactions? When I was first starting out in sales, I thought I could convert every lead if given the chance. After years of experience, however, I’ve learned to gage people’s personalities and really trust my instincts on them. I feel that it’s always worth trying something once, just as it is always worth it to give people a shot. By keeping an open mind yet also trusting my instincts, I now have a better sense of which paths to pursue and which people to work with.

Having a sense for a person’s passion is particularly valuable when working in the insurance industry. Yes, I know that most people would never use the words “passion” and “insurance” in a sentence together. And yet, I’ve learned to tell who is investing the bare minimum in choosing their insurance and who genuinely cares about their business enough to invest the time in all decisions, big and small. This is how I approach both insurance and life in general: it only works if we’re a team. If we’re on the same page. If we both have a passion for what we do, and we are able to combine that passion into something greater.

Not every connection you make will be a strong one, and that’s okay. You don’t have to pursue every lead, in sales, relationships, or otherwise. To chase every lost cause is to lose out on time spent with those who are willing to put the effort into the relationship as well. Those people will find you through the passion and love you put out in all you do.

So channel your inner Han Solo. Whether you have a good feeling about something or a very bad one, that instinct is the universe trying to steer you in the right direction.

– DeLo

You are Your Best Competition. Enjoy the Race.

Running a bar & restaurant business can feel like a race. In the first few years, your mind goes crazy with questions about how to out-run the competition. Like a runner at the starting line, you wonder:

How fast can I come out of the gate?

Can I maintain a steady pace?

What if a competitor passes me?

This weekend, I competed in the first race of my trail running series, the Xterra. On my way to the race, I was PUMPED. With my biggest competitor out this season, I was sure I had a chance to finish on the top box.

Even though I felt pretty confident, I couldn’t help but worry about all the guys around me. How hard had they trained? What would their strategies be? How could I outcompete?

My nerves disappeared as soon as the race started. There’s nothing more exhilarating than running full-speed through the warm, fall desert. As I pushed my body to the limit, I was forced to be present. I trusted my training and allowed my instinct to take the lead.

When it comes to running your business, it is easy to get distracted by everyone around you. It is more important to focus on yourself. Rely on your experience. Trust your instinct. Stay in touch with the moment.

In the end, there was no first place podium for me. Instead, I finished third. I was okay with that.

Even though I didn’t place as well as I hoped I would, I had an awesome experience. More importantly, I walked away even more motivated to achieve my personal best.

No matter what race you’re running, there will always be someone faster and stronger on your tail. Instead of fighting it, learn to enjoy it. The true aim is not to pass your competition, but to surpass YOURSELF.

Work hard. Hone into the moment. Give yourself some credit.

You become a better business owner just by running the race.

The Delo Podcast: Steve Chucri – Arizona Restaurant Association President

Interviews with owners of Hospitality establishments and vendors of Hospitality establishments. We will get into some positive business stories and how it relates to the Bar and Restaurant industry. The Hospitality is a booming industry that is not going anywhere. It is our place of community and at times a place of escape. I want to talk to those that help make it shine and are a positive influence for others that are in the industry or trying to get into it.


The Delo Podcast: Andrea Robinson – You Do You!

On this Episode we talk to Andrea Robinson.  A T.V anchor for FOX 10 for nearly 14 years.  This last September in 2018 she decided to venture off and do her own thing.   Andrea is a Phoenix Native.  Needless to say she has been around the Valley a bit.  We talk about the Hospitality industry and her time of doing a segment called “Taste of the Town”.

We talk about the benefits of being smart with your money at any age.  What struggles people can have with money.  Her husband Chris Peach and his business the Money Peach.

This is a fun episode and lots to talk about.  Andrea is an amazing human with heart and soul and just an over all very nice person.

She has a lot going on in her new phase of life.

The You Do You Journal can be purchased on line and found on her website below.  She also has Journal Meet – ups that you wont want to miss if you get involved.    So sit back and enjoy the energy and passion of Andrea.

Please check her out at:






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