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The Delo Podcast: Andrea Robinson – You Do You!

On this Episode we talk to Andrea Robinson.  A T.V anchor for FOX 10 for nearly 14 years.  This last September in 2018 she decided to venture off and do her own thing.   Andrea is a Phoenix Native.  Needless to say she has been around the Valley a bit.  We talk about the Hospitality industry and her time of doing a segment called “Taste of the Town”.

We talk about the benefits of being smart with your money at any age.  What struggles people can have with money.  Her husband Chris Peach and his business the Money Peach.

This is a fun episode and lots to talk about.  Andrea is an amazing human with heart and soul and just an over all very nice person.

She has a lot going on in her new phase of life.

The You Do You Journal can be purchased on line and found on her website below.  She also has Journal Meet – ups that you wont want to miss if you get involved.    So sit back and enjoy the energy and passion of Andrea.

Please check her out at:






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The Delo Podcast: Local 480 / The Social Media and Digital Marketing guys

As if running a bar and restaurant wasn’t enough to fill up your plate, today’s online and digital world has added a growing list new necessary ingredients to the hospitality entrepreneur looking for the right recipe for success.

Discover how to develop, analyze and calculate the ROI of building a thriving brand online and on social media through the use of branded video content and paid advertising distribution with my guests and founders of Local 480.

With a combined 20 years of digital marketing experience, Kristian and Cory dive deep into…

– Why some bars and restaurants are wildly successful on social media and others aren’t…

– How you need to be creating content to attract more customers and why…

– And, the 2 biggest things that even the most successful bars and restaurants aren’t doing – but they should!

All this and more on this episode of the BAR AND RESTAURANT  podcast by the DeLo with guests Local 480.

Check them out here  https://thelocal480.com/

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Putting new spin on policies

David DeLorenzo had his dream job working in record distribution for Warner Bros. in Los Angeles and running his own marketing company promoting artists and bands.

But when technology changed the music industry, he found himself needing to change his career tune.

With Apple Music coming on to the scene along with other streaming services, DeLorenzo said it took a toll.

“When the industry changed, it wasn’t the glamorous or fun job it had been,” said DeLorenzo, whose office walls hold gold and platinum record reminders of his past career.

The native Phoenix resident returned home to work for his father’s insurance company. His dad was mostly a home and auto insurance guy, DeLorenzo said. The concept didn’t excite someone who spent his career, dating back to his college days at Arizona State University, in the entertainment industry.

© Patrick Breen/The Republic

But instead of settling, DeLorenzo incorporated his personal interest in restaurants and the hospitality industry to craft a niche for which he is equally, if not more, passionate about that his previous profession.

To read the full article: CLICK HERE


The Delo Podcast: Dala the designer

A fun podcast with Dala who designs amazing projects in the hospitality space. We talk about all things design and how it can help create sales, efficiency, and an all around amazing experience for your patrons.

We also talk about how she gives back and once a year has a contest for a free design project.

Her website is  https://www.fji.design/

Her instagram is fji.design

or find her through linktr.ee/fji.design

Bars & Restaurants Are Our Community

Have you ever read or heard about the Blue Zone Diet? The book talks about a handful of populations of in different regions that have the most centurions (i.e., people that live to be 100). That might not be everyone’s goal but it sure sounds cool to me. Granted, the types of rest, food and drinks they enjoy play a large part of this goal to be 100. However, one of the aspects that is cited as significant that I find incredibly interesting and less obvious are the socialization aspects of this formula. These groups of centurions all socialize and have a place/role in their community where they feel connected. It sounds to me like community and getting together with other people to connect helps you live longer.

Our local establishments play such a large part in community. We go there to meet friends, have birthday celebrations, wedding parties, business meetings and work functions. Having a place to host an event helps bring individuals together with their community and provides face-to-face time with people, a form of communication that seems to be few and far between nowadays with the over usage of mobile devices. Human connection is a major aspect of living a healthy life. There are communities of people getting together for walks, runs, hikes and then having a meal together. Dinning and hanging our together brings happiness to a person’s heart and they feel a part of an energy that one doesn’t get from being on their own.

So just remember when you smell the aroma of food cooking and hear the white noise of conversation around you, it is that very community that connects you. People go to restaurants and bars to celebrate life, friendship, relax and connect. Restaurants are so important to helping establish community so please support your local establishments for your next outing.

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