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Moving into 2021….

It has been a year of uncertainty, to say the least.

The hospitality industry was one of the hardest hit by the Coronavirus as a business across the world.

People that owned restaurants had to find a way not to close their doors.  Some of them did have to close their doors.  Others had to reinvent themselves, to keep employees employed at times, and to find anything they could as far as resources to help them out with the process.

Such a process it was and still is.  Did they get a loan, or did they not get a loan? Will they have to pay those loans back?  So many questions.

Then there are the questions of how to stay open or reopen safely.  Masks and sanitizer became mainstream.  The spacing of people became paramount.  Many restaurants created makeshift outdoor seating.  Many processes were implemented just so that these small to medium size businesses could survive.

It has definitely been a tough year for many. One thing is for sure.  Having worked for over 23 years with these types of businesses, I know they are some of the most resilient, caring, loyal, and passionate people on the planet.  They will be back.  They will be back with new concepts, new ideas, new energy, and they will continue to build community and be the heart and soul of this world.

They are the ones that provide a place for humans to come and interact, and there WILL be a day when humans will be able to once again safely interact.  When that time comes, do you know where we are going?

To a restaurant.

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