Bar and Restaurant Podcast 004: BKD’S Backyard Joint – Making it all happen from scratch

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In this Episode we talk to Chef Mark Coakley and Brandon Sirochman AKA: the Music man about how BKD’s Backyard Joint in such a short time has been come one of Chandlers favorite spots. It is not just a sports bar but a community for people to come and enjoy each others company. While eating amazing food made from scratch. We talk life, restaurant business, music business, and of course food. All in this short episode ! BKD’s Backyard Joint is a locally owned and operated sports bar and grill that takes a classic concept and makes it even better. We offer a one-of-a-kind experience that promotes a welcome sense of belonging and familiar favorites, while also delivering exceptional service, fantastic food and drinks, socially engaging entertainment and all things sports. The BKD’s Backyard Joint concept is the brainchild of an ownership team that represents and contributes significantly to the Arizona restaurant and entertainment industries. Specifically, the accomplished local owners and operators behind The Melting Pot Restaurants of Arizona, serving fondue to guests for over twenty years. Hope you enjoy !

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Unknown Speaker 0:02
You’re listening to the bar and restaurant podcast where hospitality lovers come to listen and learn with expert David de Lorenzo. Now here’s your host the D low.

Delo 0:14
Alright, here we are with another episode of the bar and restaurant Podcast. I am your host, the diello. And I have some very special guests actually, they’re all fucking special. But these guys are these guys are really special today. So I have Mark Coakley, and I have Brandon sir Rockman. They are the owners of BKD’S Backyard Joint. So before I get into kind of your guys, you know, solo personal stories, BK DS, why? what what what’s the an acronym for what

Brandon 0:42
we we actually came up with a bunch of different names that I won’t share, because we still might use those in the future cool. But we decided to go with a backyard Joint Field. And that was with the food that we were putting out basically a sports theme, but something that was comfort food that would cater to everybody. And we decided since Brandon, Kelly and Dan, which is bkd’s backyard joint. So yeah, we’re all friends. We said let’s just make an acronym of our name. And we our group is the three wise men. And ironically, there was a three wisemen and open up in town. And so they took our operating name as their business name. And we wanted to do DB Dan and Brandon Cooper, db Cooper. Because again, there’s a backstory on the location we’re at and we applied for that and a week prior somebody had already done DB Cooper you know, we’re big fans of Kid Rock and you know, db Cooper in the store and all that stuff so so that got scratched and I said, Well, let’s do it was perfect Katie bees, because Katie bees like Katie bees, it sounds like like your aunt or something and homecooking and stuff like that. But getting into it. We felt it was too close to Katie kb. Yeah, radio station, right. And I think it was Dan that said, let’s do BK DS. And from then it’s stuck. So Kelly and Dan some backstory on them. They own the melting pot franchise in Arizona, right. And the three of us been friends for probably two decades. And we’ve always wanted to put something together, Dan and I have done some stuff in the past some nightclubs and some other restaurants. But this was the first concept for the three of us to actually put what we have in and I couldn’t ask for some better partners.

Delo 2:41
That’s actually how I met you was through the stuff you and Dan were doing back in the day. And then Kelly who is a dude, by the way, everybody and a real Dude, I saw him do an ice challenge or he’s in the ice water ice water for 20 minutes. Yeah,

Brandon 2:55
that’s our veteran connection right there. Yes.

Delo 2:58
And he’s he’s running for Congress, isn’t he? Yes, yes. Yes. So he just came to one of my seminars over at the Arizona Restaurant Association awesome. Yeah, so it was really cool to see him alright so in walks mark and yeah, How long had they had started before you came in and you know, took over the reins.

Mark 3:16
They were open for about a year when I walked in, and they hired me as a chef and gave me ownership of the kitchen which we started making food from scratch until you got the menu some and get our backyard feel into it. So it’s just you know, it was a awesome experience to work here because these guys are great people and and to be part of something that I feel I’m 100% bought in

Delo 3:42
to Yeah, you take ownership and you enjoy it. You love that you do all that and so my understanding you’ve always you’ve always been in food you started as a dishwasher when you’re six washer, basically. Yeah. And so how did it How did dishwashing transform into all of a sudden I’m going to

Mark 3:57
start all over the food like I worked for a great chef called his name was Ken Yoshimura and he was a master chef at the time Okay, so he he saw how I was washing dishes Hey, have some speed man should be my just come in and cook for me and stuff like that. So he taught me a lot. And then I just went from there. I learned a lot from the guy and and learn how to. I was in I was in junior in high school when I started. Yeah, yeah. So he taught me a lot. And then I became a cook and banquets and weddings and massive number of people looking for them. And I just fell in love with it and just went on from there. Yeah. And then are you native to Arizona? Yep. I was born in Mesa Mesa. Lucerne hospital. Oh,

Delo 4:38
you haven’t gone far. Oh, 19. Oh, he literally walked away from your baby. Yeah,

Mark 4:43
Miss Luther is like, even when I was working at Mesa High School, were like a mile down the road from Miss Lewis center. We did a lot of food from them. So

Delo 4:50
yeah. And so give kind of the audience listening a little trajectory of some of your, you know, most kick ass jobs that you had before coming here. What got you to here?

Mark 4:58
Well, the chef, we get Tony’s for 13 years ago Tony yeah so I went over there opened up the location and brown and Mesa drive when you open up their second location he

Delo 5:08
shit his pants when you left

Unknown Speaker 5:12
what was funny is that he ended up closed my his name was Michael person yeah he ended up closing that location and he decided to go with the other chef that was running the counter and I just went on my own way and went from there to work at some some restaurants here and there and I went to ginger monkey I worked there for three years and then yeah I’m here so

Delo 5:34
yeah, and then how did added Brian and Kelly Dan had it had they end up finding you? Was it like a job posting or?

Unknown Speaker 5:39
Well Dan actually is friends with my uncle that does autobody Oh, so it was a connection that way? Okay. You never

Delo 5:45
know who you’re gonna meet through what are the Yeah, you have family you have a daughter right?

Mark 5:49
I have a daughter and a little I am and she has been with me for like she’s been my sous chef and my assistant since did your monkey days so about six years she’s been my sister I’ve been grooming her and getting her ready for the kitchen life and she’s amazing she does amazing cheesecake she has her own following wow she does desserts she cooks on the line she does it all working at work can

Delo 6:11
you follow her at like on Instagram or whatever she

Mark 6:13
she has a twisted cheesecakes okay very cool. Yeah. You can go on my Instagram and you can find her that

Delo 6:21
way yeah yeah no that’s great and is that like when you go for the interview process with these guys is that part of the deal like it’s me and my daughter or nothing?

Brandon 6:30
No I was that was a bonus having come in and then having her her bakery skills and to do the the cheesecake and the devil foods. Fact on the menu it’s it’s Elias mo foods chocolate cake, its weights listed. But the unique cheese cakes has become kind of a following trend for us now and like what is she making this week? She had made a what’s the chocolate balls calling the Rochelle Ferriero or

Delo 7:01
some chocolate salty balls yeah

Brandon 7:06
and before that she did Fruity Pebbles wow oh my gosh people came in it’s like it’s a second bowl of Fruity Pebbles amazing so yeah, there was definitely a big rush on that one so there’s been Mars there’s been where there’s original she posted one and they actually they tagged we tagged them and they wrote back to her and and said it was a great yes cakes Oh anything that she can take that’s branded and add into that so everyone always waiting what’s the next one gonna be so that’s cool we just wait till she makes and release

Mark 7:41
Yeah, she thinks outside of boxes. Oh that sounds like a good cheese case. So I’ll make that one here. I

Delo 7:46
mean you gotta be a proud dad.

Unknown Speaker 7:47
Yeah very proud. I have my tooth my two sons I’ve worked for me to my my middle child which is 20 heels my dishwasher Okay, and then my daughter and then my other son got her and he were he’s a dishwasher also so

Delo 8:00
I have beautiful is that I mean in a world that we live where hospitality has almost become a bad word for some people to be like oh my god I can’t work that hard for this amount of money or this and that you have a whole family that’s kind of following you and doing

Mark 8:12
his wedding cakes and she does that’s really excellent aside and she she’s an accountant but she wants to leave her job to open up her own coffee place yeah, yeah it was all in

Delo 8:21
That’s great. That’s great. Well let’s let’s talk about Brandon for a little bit I’ve known Brandon for years yeah we have yeah Brian has changed recently all for the positive I think Brian has known me during my train wreck ways and then now into my settle down ways of you know 40 something and then some so so random why the restaurant that I mean holy shit dude you’re on top of the world your fucking music king of Arizona you’re doing all this and and you you go and obviously you invest in this restaurant and you invest not just money but your time your blood your sacrifice, you know? And and and it’s like, you’re also like shaking hands and rubbing elbows with you know, Shania Twain and Guns and Roses to you name it that did it just get old after a while and you’re kind of wanting to do something on your own. It kind of did.

Brandon 9:09
You know, my background. Back like you said, it’s a long time ago. Yeah. And getting in the entertainment industry. I grew up loving, doing acting. And it evolved into doing magic. And then magic evolved and once I moved out here into music, playing and and then quickly got bit by that stage bug, you know, when you’re up there performing in front of a crowd, there’s nothing like that energy and seeing those smiling faces and knowing that all these people have different things going on in their life. But for that one hour, they’re just escaping and to be able to produce that. Of course playing keyboards in the 80s was great, but then two guitars, Guns and Roses, you know, other bands that came out. I saw keyboards getting pushed aside. Yeah. And then someone invented the guitar and then I was out He’s like I’m not going up there running around with so on cool so so I saw the writing on the wall went to school learned some of the stuff behind the scenes saw there was so much opportunity and to be able to still produce an event and didn’t care to be on stage you know obviously being keyboard player wasn’t a lead singer so wasn’t in the spotlight but still got to see those people come and take that break and when they left they’re like man did you see through me a guitar pick I got a drumstick he played that song and I just did the hire that and I would take the staff out and say look, this is why we do these long hours and put up a lot of stuff and outdoor and eat everything. But the core of it is is hospitality. You’re there to put on this event and entertain these people. You’re not on the stage. But you’re you know you’re part of you know that experience and and then how to provide the best experience because as we talked about earlier, music started to kind of get stale, because there hasn’t been any new explosion there’s no new invention. So how many times can you see Def Leppard? How many times can you see Luke Bryan how many times so it’s less about seeing that same act coming every year? It’s more about why are you going to go to that places

Delo 11:12

Brandon 11:14
Yeah, so there was a focus on you know, what kind of beer what kind of food what pricing, how to make the line so they were quicker and how to how to turn that business. And I’m like, well, I’ve invested in a bunch of different businesses before and I always said Look, I’ll never do that again. And throwing money at something and trusting somebody is you know, all my years has never been the best way to do it. It’s been hands on Yeah, take the responsibility. And so after 31 years and dealing with the COVID crisis and music industry and everything there’s still unsettledness in different policies today everyone it’s really divided people and I said Look, I want to do what I used to do which is just provide the hospitality with the entertainment back end and not on the grand scale but to do it yourself and now my name is on the building so so after 31 years I said well I’m gonna leave and operate and build this brand and we’re now looking at second and third location. So this one is two and a half years young. Yeah, and it’s still

Delo 12:27
just getting started Yeah, and it’s


you and I have a lot of similarities and obviously this isn’t a podcast about me but just in self reflection it’s you know, I worked in the music business and then I got into insurance and I had to make insurance my own because at the end of the day, nobody gives a shit about insurance it’s about the relationships it’s kind of like your another restaurant but unless you have the relationships there on the hospitality you’re lending out so when I specifically did hospitality has a has a niche that’s what’s fun for me it’s fun for me to be able to sit here and talk with you guys and all my other clients and watch them succeed and watch them be hospitable to others and the way that they do it so what instrument Did you play or play boards? Yeah boards saying guitarist to that dabbled

Brandon 13:07
on guitar bass drums Yeah, I’ve got a full studio sale so I still go out there and search the karaoke dive bars for that singer nice because back when you used to manage bands, it would be like adult babysitting yeah you had to keep the drummer from sleeping with the guitar players girlfriend the band breaking up right but in this day and age you know you find the talent which is the singer songwriter Yeah, and you can put a band behind it and I’ve been fortunate I’ve had you know one on American Idol one on the voice that’s cool. And one’s in Nashville doing good now so I still enjoy doing Yeah, enjoy lunch and entertainment. That’s beautiful.

Delo 13:47
I take guitar lessons every Thursday it’s like it’s enjoyment for me it’s a meditation you know, we all have different things so before we dig more into the restaurant, what are some things that you guys enjoy as far as hobbies and start with you like besides cooking like what else do you like to do?

Mark 14:00
Well, I like to hang out with my family good me my wife like on our dates watch movies. like Netflix and all that we like to relax and hang out Yeah, and I played basketball for a long time sorry to go to the park and hoops cool you may you might exercise yes good that’s always good. Yeah, and just raising my kids and making sure that they had the best education and get them out there and working in my family’s my hobbies. Oh, yeah,

Delo 14:32
that’s beautiful.

Brandon 14:33
Oh, forget your fantasy league.

Delo 14:36
Again heavy fantasy.

Mark 14:38
I’m a big sports guy. So I love it. I love all Arizona tees and I you know when this year I easy went to out of fourth. Okay. All right.

Delo 14:46
I guess if you play the odds, you’re gonna win something. Right? Right. Yeah. Signs and Cardinals. Yeah. And Brandon, besides, you know, hanging out with Stacey and driving up north. What else do you like to do?

Brandon 14:57
You know what, like I said in the studio. I’ll get to piano at home and that’s my stress reliever yeah playing the piano and and going out and and finding other mama pops you know other places and kind of learn what you know what what makes things tick you know why one place does well in one place doesn’t yeah no there’s no book as you know i mean so many things people think would be a success and so many things you would think sometimes would be a waste and you know they’re the opposite so not everybody knows everything right time right place there’s always a lot to learn yeah and our places is no different I mean anyone can be a sports bar you know putting up 38 TVs and you can have the biggest HD large screen on the east valley and you can have four tabs and but you know it’s the food and it’s like I said the hospitality

Delo 15:46
so let’s let’s talk about that because it’s really important that people kind of understand that are listening to this like how different and how you differentiate yourself so you would call yourself a scratch kitchen correct? So talk about your foods and some of the dishes that you know really come together that people come there for each week and

Mark 16:03
well everybody loves it loves our brisket like we have our smoker in the back we barely got our smoker about eight months ago so we’ve been smoking me to take a little bit to get everything to the point where I want it and we smoke our lollipops we have a few things other things that we smoke but we have short ribs and a meatloaf just you know your home cooking stuff that you grew up on it yeah you put your little twist on to make it different from a regular sportsbar feel food like fried and just wings and burgers yeah our burgers we use same percent brisket and 3% angus beef so it’s like we have a different kind of flavor profile which we get to work with. This is you know bringing brand new you know, new entrees to the table like you know we have a show raise we have a meatloaf we have steaks everything that you think like people come in and oh man I just don’t know what to get off this menu because everything sounds good yeah so sit back and and try some new so it’s like and it needed you know everything it’s like scratch me so I have my daughter back there Elia my sous chef she’s back there making sauces and in making scratch made foods and and then getting the cooks on board of this on how we want to serve our plates and stuff like that and they’re pretty good healthy portions too So yeah, you don’t leave you don’t leave hungry

Delo 17:20
no that’s good and and it sounds like you you’re able to do that because of the way that you run your kitchen and you guys run the business keeping food costs you know in control but also being able to provide people with you know something a little bit more than what you would get at a let’s just say a mundane sports bar with you know stale burgers and you know, overgrown Friday stuff on a Friday Yeah, exactly. You know, and they’re just legitimately they’re just going there for the TVs at that point in the in the shitty beer usually that’s on tap you know,

Brandon 17:51
there’s there’s format that that Dan coined the phrase is cheap and cheery some of those places are you know, you get what you pay for. Yeah, you know, it’s cheap and you’re just gonna drink and you know, have a good time. Yeah, you know, it’s not really an experience. You know, we wanted to have everything on there. We have 10 direct tv receivers, we have four cable receivers. And the reason for that is that we can play any game on all the packages at any time and never tell someone sorry we can’t do that because someone’s watching that game it’s switched off so we have the opposite and it’s we spend a lot for it. And then we do the pay per view UFC fights, charge cover charges.

Delo 18:30
I’m laughing because I’m at the opening and I’m watching you with that remote control like

Brandon 18:36
why Yeah, we so the technology is great, it’s an app and it’s just you put what TV you want and you just touch where you want it and boom. You know Gone are the days of you know, fidgeting with Neil 20 different remotes and stuff so yeah, buddy. You can literally put anything on plus we had two internet channels too. So yeah, we have chive and we have our own in house advertising and untag for all the beers. So it’s good so

Delo 18:59
you all do a lot of marketing I know you guys are into marketing I mean you come from a background you know, branding comes from a background of just you know, marketing and shows and stuff like that. And obviously you had I mean you’re great at marketing my marketing Mark, Mark, Mark but I mean this dude, like you know, and he dances with me and it’s kind of funny to you know, watch the stuff that he does on tik tok. And I think you’re on LinkedIn too. And just everything like you’re you’re an act of chef that’s, you know, actively promoting your stuff, because you’re proud of it. And I think that’s a huge asset to an organization, you know, that you guys have there? Because at the end of the day, if people don’t know about you, I don’t know what you’re doing. Then you just be Katie’s. You know, so I mean, tell me a little bit about your guys marketing strategies or what you know how important it is to you

Brandon 19:47
is is very important. So, you know, again, our history back in the day, you know, you had four or five radio stations, you had four or five TV stations. You had a evening and morning newspaper. We’re in the new times and that’s it. Yeah and it was easy to advertise now you got social media this and every day there’s a new thing that comes out you got you know, direct tv you got you know, people that skip commercials you got satellite radio. So how do you cut through and then you can’t put everything in one basket because as we learn, you know, whether it’s tik tok, or Snapchat or Instagram or Facebook, there’s a demo that follows that too. And so you’ve got to be able to get involved with everybody. Mark does really good on his social media with his chefs and the people that follow him. Yeah, that goes viral. We do a lot of stuff on the beat on V Katie’s social sites and then share that so that it goes viral. You know, we have a company called local for ad that helps us with a lot of promotions and stuff on on the social media platform. And it’s key I mean, you got to spend a lot because if you look at the studies that are done, you know if you spend you know $10,000 and you finally get somebody to come in and try your place yeah, that wasn’t word of mouth that was through your efforts. Even if they have 100% experience and it’s great, there’s only a 46% chance of them coming back and then if they come back a second time and they have a killer experience again, there’s only a 48% chance of them returning and then if you finally get them to comfort third time there’s a 72 to 75% chance that they’re going to come back and now you’ve got a regular so it takes a lot of work because as you know that one mistake can cost you so much it takes you 10 experiences to make up for your one bad one yeah so again once they walk through the door you know we don’t charge for pool you can play pool we don’t charge for the viewing if they want to see something you know we put it up it’s not like oh no we put stickers up here and when NFL yeah you got to name is it’s like no get there and we have enough Ewing enough TV Yeah, to make it so you know whatever you want you get there

Delo 22:01
so So what are some of the events that you obviously said pool you have the UFC fight Do you have any and all sports are there other events that you do there? Was there like yoga You

Brandon 22:08
know, we’ve done we’ve done some workouts in our patio. The nice thing is we’re split 100 inside 100 outside. Yeah, our dog, our patio is dog friendly. So you have that. We’re working on morphing that into some other things. It’s somewhat climate controlled in the summer with misters and swamp coolers. We have heaters in the wintertime which course winter it’s gorgeous to be outside. Yeah, we’re looking forward to that season. So we’ve had some hit fitness out there doing stuff on the patio. We’ve had some off road groups that have come in and then some events. We recently we had a sweet 16 party there in one evening. The next morning we had 40 people for a baby shower for me just had a 30 year old class reunion next Saturday coming up we have the UFC fight inside and we have a wedding reception 100 people I don’t attend yeah outside during the fight so we really make sure like we don’t turn anybody away well we’ll do whatever we can we’re not trying to be everything yeah, we’re just trying to cater the people we’re in a location there and it goes off McQueen 980 East Paco throat sweet five by the way Okay, um and there’s no anchor in that center there used to be I think it was a bashes years ago Oh wow. Um, so we don’t have the natural foot traffic but we don’t have also the competition of a bunch of places around it. Yeah, we are a neighborhood join here the place people are a lot of our people regulars walk there and walk home

Delo 23:41
Why so I saw her because of his cooking a lot of people drive with not a lot but people drive for the city to come have a meal

Mark 23:48
Oh yeah. We’ve had people come from Sin City and Peoria It’s great. It’s just Yeah, he chefs and oh man I see your posts on Facebook. I got to come try your food and yeah, they don’t leave disappointed. They actually come back the week after greener family or is this this I have like a little story on the back where I have my my light my phone my cameras everything and I just make my own little setup right take my food so that’s great.

Brandon 24:14
Yeah, the nice thing is when Mark came on a little over a year ago you know we gave him full control the kitchen we said this is what we want to do. You know take it to the next level. And the nice thing with having your own place and have a mark is we would do specials daily special Yeah. And meatloaf Monday was a special as a brisket meatloaf. And people were like wow, I can only get this on a Monday. And so we started going wow, there’s an idea let’s launch these daily concepts in a win that will become permanent on the on the menu. Perfect. And so we’ve done that with so many things. There’s some stuff like our prime rib is on Sundays and our fish fry on Fridays. Yeah. But you know, we launched stuff on a daily special and if it takes off, it gets them in That’s cool

Delo 25:00
wow you got me hungry listen to the podcast alright so last thing about BK DS before we get into some fun questions here is what what is the future and how the hell you’re going to do more locations when there’s only one Mark

Brandon 25:13
well you know what he’s designed the recipes he’s got a bunch of kids and his kids are blown away in the kitchen is you get consistency yeah and and so we’re waiting for his kids to have kids so we have another generation go coke least run in the kitchen. That’s what the S stands for several others and so that’s his family. That’s

Delo 25:36
a very creative look at that folks.

Brandon 25:41
So having having those recipes and him training his kitchen staff to keep consistent, and then the analytics that we’re doing from all our social marketing, I pulled some this morning and it’s interesting because we keep looking at where we’re going to place the next location when we’re looking at Northwest Valley. One of the reasons is our format again, is it’s a neighborhood join it’s not looking for a place that’s competing with a bunch of other stuff we’re looking for the residential concentration and something that we can go in and become part of the neighborhood you know, we’re not necessarily a destination where a local place that takes care of the neighborhood, I had two businesses which I still do, but one is in a heavily populated area and one is in downtown Scottsdale. And it’s interesting that the other one is consistent all year because it’s a neighborhood joined in Scottsdale as we know it has its peak in the fall and in the summertime you know you can throw a rock and not hit anybody. Yeah. So you make a lot and then you got to save and go through that. So find a place that’s like, like we have been out bkt it’s consistent there’s some Northwest Valley areas that are underserved by commercial right now. Right so we’re looking at that and then it’s interesting because we have a big spike right now in on the internet standpoint, our status from LA a lot of people from LA for some reason are searching this out so I don’t know if they’re moving out here and we’re showing

Delo 27:08
up they’re moving out here Trust me. Yeah,

Brandon 27:10
I know they’re definitely moving here because that’s why I sold my house and can’t buy a new house.

Delo 27:14
Yeah, like he did sell your house at that. Yeah, you know, I wish Dan would listen to me, you know, years ago when I was like dude 32nd Street and Shea and then zip snags that location right? crushing it. I’m like, zips over here. I want to be k d right? Exactly. So anyway, we’re looking for that.

Brandon 27:31
We are poised right now to do a second location. We’re actively looking for that and possibly a third and maybe further north like prescot

Delo 27:43
Yeah, very cool. Love it. Love it. All right. Well, this is awesome. Um, so I got some questions for you guys. There’s no right or wrong answers to these. Alright, we’re gonna have some fun you can both answer none of you can answer whatever. Do you prefer the snow or the heat? Ie, snow a road trip or a European vacation road trip? Yeah road trip. Okay. Where would you go? road trip like what do you know

Mark 28:09
Washington Washington, right they’re crazy. Yeah should be a fun road trip especially driving by the beach all the way up there. Very cool.

Brandon 28:17
I’d go anywhere anywhere. Yeah, just I’m not a homebody I’m never see I am a homebody Yeah, only tell them home is sleeping so I’m constantly

Delo 28:25
Yeah, that’s so funny. We’re all different um, would you rather swim a mile or run six miles

Mark 28:31
run six miles swim

Delo 28:35
eat three small meals a day or just the one big meal

Mark 28:38
one big meal as a chef you miss my meal

Brandon 28:45
yeah that’s cuz I do both why meal and then you know my brother got me turned on to intermittent fasting Yeah, but then Stacy I went out recently to a place that was you know they served one bite meals Yeah. And it was an interesting experience they just eat one bite of something. So So yeah, I do both.

Delo 29:10
What what’s real megillat on or Bigfoot?

Brandon 29:15
I think they’re both real Okay, cool. It’s whatever you want to I do

Delo 29:18
two CDs or live music

Mark 29:23

Brandon 29:25
you know I got to say live music you know that but you got to have that CD so that you can relive that experience over and over again because Yeah, because that that recording you know it hits you but you know some of those recordings because you saw it live you want to relive it

Delo 29:40
well in that how it brings you back to certain parts of your life in your childhood. I was reading through the Van Halen Time magazine thing and I read the whole thing this weekend and you know then I hear like the people’s like sayings of the certain song so I put on my you know, my my earphones and I just dove deep like I was a child again, listen, a fair warning or 1984 It’s crazy. But yeah, that’s I love it. Snorkeling or hang gliding

Mark 30:02

Brandon 30:04
wow both for me

Delo 30:05
Yeah. Crazy alright craziest show you’ve ever been a part of 98 gay you mark what’s the wildest dish you’ve ever created?

Unknown Speaker 30:21
Hmm probably working with jack jack food or prickly pear Yeah, made some good tacos actually were pretty good actually were on the menu for a while but yeah, my

Delo 30:41
jackfruit and prickly pear. Awesome. Well, thank you gentlemen for coming in. This is fun. Yeah, where can everybody find BK B’s? Obviously you gave the address at East road gram all that stuff? Yeah. At Katie’s

Brandon 30:56 his website, because be Katie’s backyard joint would be a little too long. Yeah. So it’s B Katie’s backyard, you’ll find a lot of stuff and BK DS, hashtag on all the social sites, Instagram and stuff, you can find a lot of things. Very cool.

Delo 31:14
Thank you everybody for listening. And we appreciate if you would give us a five star because these guys are so cool. Not for me, but give them the five star so it helps the podcast and this podcast is sponsored by myself bar and restaurant insurance. So anyways, I’m here for all your insurance needs and whatever else you need, but this was a fun one. So thank you and until next time, peace out and go visit BKD’s Backyard Joint.

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