Bar and Restaurant Podcast 005: John Lane of OHSO Brewery

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On this episode of the Bar & Restaurant Podcast we talk with John Lane, founder of OHSO Brewery, on the challenges of running a restaurant in 2021 and beyond.

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Unknown Speaker 0:03
You’re listening to the barn restaurant podcast where hospitality lovers come to listen and learn with expert David de Lorenzo. Now here’s your host the dlo

Delo 0:13
alright welcome back to another bar and restaurant podcast today I have a friend of mine and also the owner of OHSO brewery slash restaurant tours slash just all around good dude john lane How are you john?

Jon 0:28
Good today thanks for having me. Yeah,

Delo 0:30
and I know I call you john but most of your let’s just say longtime friends call you g correct Where did that come from?

Jon 0:38
mostly from college it’s just a nickname that I just I wore a G hat a couple jihads and yes back when that music was becoming when when hip hop and rap were becoming kind of super popular so it just kind of stuck I was the big dude that always wear the G hat

Delo 0:53
and did you have gold chains or anything like that? No, I

Jon 0:55
didn’t have anything like that. No, no, no, no, no, I was more of the hippie ish college student not that not the rap college student

Delo 1:03
Yeah, so Gigi stuck with you with all your old friends and all that

Jon 1:07
I just carried through throughout the years in my industry you know you always know somebody Yeah, so when they start calling you that then the next person does and then it just kind of snowballs I tried a couple times to get rid of the moniker but you know right suck and it’s there I can’t get away from it anymore and I don’t try to anymore

Delo 1:22
well and as everybody knows dlo is mine so yeah, we just kind of live with it and enjoy it

Jon 1:27
it’s funny when I searched you if I don’t type dealer it doesn’t come up in my phone oh that’s funny. Yeah, I mean literally like I have to type deal up if I if I go if I somehow but but Lorenzo or you know if I do it any other way or Dave Yeah,

Delo 1:40
yeah, well that’s good. Yeah, like that. I’m kind of uh, I don’t know whatever it is, but um, let’s talk about from hearing it. So you born in Traverse City? Correct. Okay, and how long did you stay

Jon 1:52
in Traverse City until I was roughly 10 and then I moved to Grand Rapids and then I moved back to Traverse City when I was a junior in high school okay and graduated there seven days after graduation went to San Diego I knew I couldn’t get there I came here and kind of ended up here I’ve lived all over but I’ve kind of always come back to Phoenix area

Delo 2:12
yeah and colleges were for you.

Jon 2:14
Hey issue it was several but ASU is where I graduated.

Delo 2:17
That’s where you ended up getting that piece of paper that says I graduated yeah very cool. And then I know that Traverse City is very close to your heart and you go back there I mean we’ll talk and you’re back there two maybe three times a year

Jon 2:29
Oh at least Yeah, well I mean more so in the in the in the past few years yeah. And you know before I was too busy little kids but now I have a little bit more freedom with company because you know now I don’t operate one or two I have a team now so a little bit more freedom to kind of take vacations yeah I’m where I didn’t take them for many years so yeah, so I go back definitely in the summer for as long as I can. Nobody wants to kind of fall or spring and then the other time the year just depends if there’s a birthday a wedding holiday you know something my mom wants something yeah all over the place. So

Delo 2:59
that’s amazing. And two kids Oh, and who is with the 60s almost 60 almost 60 now cool. You’ll have to call me on that auto policy.

Jon 3:08
Well I just I got the car but it’s it’s under me right now on USA but I need to figure out how to go that way.

Delo 3:16
We’ll talk about that later how I’m going through that stuff. I’m a my 17 year old just got an accident. So sidebar, and then you have James violet who she is she’s three

Jon 3:27
she’s three and a half she’ll be forced not too long from now and she’s handful. I’ve never thought I’d have more kids and like I said my wife now is talking possibly another child. Oh yeah, I’m grandpa age but you know what? Hey, we’ll have fun

Delo 3:42
what’s the what so so with the age difference between you know, your son and your daughter what what’s that like raising both of them kind of at the same time? And how are they with each other?

Jon 3:50
He’s great with her I mean, he just is but he’s also you know, teenage boy that wants to play video games and not be bothered and and now but when I need them he’s great with her and she I mean, all little kids I think adore their their older brothers and sisters. As long as they’re not too close in age. Yeah. You know that it’s more wrestling and pulling each other up. So that they can it’s a great, it’s it’s worked out very well,

Delo 4:13
the time flies. I mean, I just I remember when Carrie just had her. Oh, yeah. You know, just absolutely crazy. And you guys been married since 17?

Jon 4:20
Since 2017, or 18? Just 17? Yes, yes. 17. Because we had the chat. We’ve got pregnant right away, right. So

Delo 4:29
yeah, so there’s a little bit of a fun story on how that all happened. How did you guys meet? She

Jon 4:35
was at Ohso Brewery. And I knew she was sitting with a girlfriend and then I needed a couple next to him and I was you know, I thought well, this girl’s tall and pretty. I’ll go chat with her and then the group next to him I knew and they just kept talking my ear off so I didn’t get hardly any words in with her. And she said well, I liked you on Facebook. You sent me a message back well, I send everybody a message I used to I don’t anymore because became kind of generic, but I’d said everybody, thank you blah, blah, blah. And so then I went back and looked and found her and sent her a message and you know, said basically, you know, I don’t do this very often. But if you’re if you’d like, I would love to take you out to dinner. Or, you know, if this creeps you out, you know, please leave me alone, like everyone out and she didn’t agree to dinner because she’s like, I don’t know you. I don’t want to spend that much time with you. But yeah, we had a cocktail and, and, and, you know, just slowly

Delo 5:28
just kind of went from there. That’s so cool. Wow. Yeah, I relationships as we get older, as you know, can be kind of just difficult in essence, because us as individuals already know who we are and what we want, you know, whereas when you’re younger, you just kind of spitballing and oh, yeah, it’s have happened happened.

Jon 5:47
I mean, you know, I’m very different than my wife in lots of ways. So I was like, at first I was like, I don’t know, like, she’s not quite the normal the girl that I’ve dated before. But you know, as we get older, like you said, you find things and qualities and things that you want to be closer to, versus when you’re younger, you’re just kind of spitballing and going well, I guess I’ll deal with this. Or I guess I like this, or I guess I yeah, she’s hot enough. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, exactly.

Delo 6:12
So your your, your dad owned a banquet facility? Is that correct? And you worked in that or so my

Jon 6:17
dad owned a bunch of stuff. He was in the real estate business, but then he got into the golf business. And then they owned a banquet facility, and they owned, you know, bar, a little bar, and then a couple of them. I worked for him for a little bit, but then that didn’t go as well as it could have. Working for parents is not always easy. I know that you work here side by side. But I’m sure there were some difficult years earlier. Maybe not. But

Delo 6:40
no, there is. And he’s retired now. Yeah,

Jon 6:43
but But anyway, he kind of got me into the restaurant business in a in a way. Yeah. And then I worked at a bunch of different family and restaurants all over Michigan.

Delo 6:51
So okay, yeah. So that kind of did that give you the bug kickstarted My,

Jon 6:55
my, my knowledge, and also, you know, me wanting to learn more, right? I mean, you know, a lot of people do what their parents do, or they kind of levitate towards a parent, sort of, in one way or the other. You know, if your parents in a cabin, maybe you’re not an accountant, but maybe you’re into some something else that’s very math oriented. Yeah. I kind of my dad was in the service, I’ll say, right, he got out of his real estate, which still was kind of service, but and he really got into service, and he didn’t know what the heck he was doing. But you know, yeah, he winged it and did pretty good. And then kind of got me into it. Yeah,

Delo 7:33
yeah, you kind of, it’s funny, because there’s a lot of similarities when I hear you speak to me, and the essence that I didn’t grow up dreaming to be an insurance agent, you know, and a lot of my friends and partners, they don’t look at me as an insurance guy. They look at me as a hospitality guy that just happens to have a service that takes care of, uh, you know, right, yeah, exactly. You know, growing up and working for Warner Brothers and doing all that sort of stuff. It was like, how do I make this my own? And it seems like you’ve, you know, been able to do that, you know, for yourself as well. Because after that, you, you were well, when you came out here was four picks the first job you had out

Jon 8:06
here? No, the first time I had was at a native New Yorker. Okay, it was the first restaurant job I had out here. Oh, yeah, there’s a lot of it like, Well, I think they still have quite a few. They’re just called native now. Right? They, yeah, it was family run. They did have a few franchises. But most of them were still free. I think like four of the seven or eight at the time. Were family run. Yeah. And I worked for the daughters. They were, they were good. They were tough, but they were, you know, fair as well. And it taught me you know, kind of how to deal with all sorts of different people because the wing thing you dealt with the richest rich and the poor is poor, because wings are popular with everyone. Yeah. So it kind of taught me a little bit more about Phoenix and about Arizona and about people. Because I’d always I grew up in a small town, I dealt with the same people. I didn’t you know, I didn’t. There wasn’t much variety. So to say of of my clientele. Yeah. So I was so it was a very good job. I worked there for a couple years. Then I went to Balboa cafe. Oh god him done a Mill Avenue. Yeah. And I worked there for Catholics on and off for like seven years. Yeah. And in that time period is when I worked at Four Peaks.

Delo 9:11
Okay, Sam and Four Peaks gave you some good insight on very Oh, yeah. Yeah. I mean, they were

Jon 9:17
tality in general. I mean, they were one of the first places. I won’t say one of the first but they were a place that I worked out that really went for the customer. Yeah, I mean, they as much as they wanted to make money they made things right. Okay, which was good to see because a lot of restaurants unfortunately don’t always make it right. They just kind of gloss it over and say oh, you’re you know, thank you

Delo 9:40
right. And then there’s more people coming Yeah, we’re not Yeah,

Jon 9:43
yeah. So they were really good about touching back and and making sure everybody was happy and making sure you know, if something was wrong, they took care of it and and even if something wasn’t quite right, but they couldn’t pin on it. They might come out with a gift card and say Hey, thanks for coming in. We can tell something’s not quite right.

Delo 9:56
So they weren’t I mean, not only were they in the restaurant business, they were in the relationship isn’t Yeah, they

Jon 10:01
were in the past. I mean, and most of us, I will say a lot of restaurant tours are in two different businesses, three different businesses. You’re either in the restaurant people business, you’re in just the restaurant business, because you’re too busy. You’re caught trying to just operate a restaurant or in the restaurant and real estate business. Yeah, yeah. So just kind of depends how they maneuver

Delo 10:18
off really good points. Yeah. And then after that was that dose gringotts.

Jon 10:23
And then I went from Four Peaks to dos gringos. And I also worked at a couple other like, jobs and I worked at casino. I just kind of worked all the time. I was trying to save up and, and, you know, eventually open up my own, but that I chose to go to the Caribbean for a couple years, or for a year and a half, and then came back and went to a bunch of different restaurants and just trying to put it back together again. Yeah,

Delo 10:44
yeah, the whole the history or an anthology of john lane. Like, it’s funny. It’s just a lot of different experiences that you had that you had. So now you’re let’s just say you’re done with the screen goes you’re you’re sitting here you’re scratching your head, you’re pondering, you’re like, Okay, you know, what am I going to do now? Or did you already know what you were gonna do and had an idea that also

Jon 11:04
was so I gave a while I was gonna do a craft beer bar. I gave him 90 days notice, I had no I was not very didn’t have a whole lot of money, because I just got through divorce. So I didn’t have a lot of money. And anyway, I you know, I’m like, but I’m gonna figure this out. I’m gonna do this. And I got one partner who’s no longer my partner, but great guy. Yeah, we just he just, it wasn’t the business that he was in, necessarily. So he didn’t quite understand the long term. He thought, you know, I put money in, I get money out well, right. So restaurants work. It takes quite a few years until you start to see that debt paid off the profitability, all that other. So anyway, we kind of just went from there, and we started as craft beer bar, but we put brewery on our name. Our first year, we didn’t have a brewery because we couldn’t afford any of the equipment. So is every year every month, the pressure mounted, When are they going to start brewing? And it just forced us into that? Well, yeah, which was our goal. But it also was very difficult to go, Okay, well, I need to spend $100,000 in this room, right? Well, that could really use new furniture. New POS is a better oven. But you know, but it is what we were so we had to do it. And luckily it went well. And this was 1314 I’m sorry, how 10 years ago,

Delo 12:20
this was 10 years ago. Like even longer. I remember being in there. And like the dust on the floor. I mean, literally there was no answer in there. I want to

Jon 12:28
say my policy went into effect like September 12. Or 15th. with you guys. Yeah, that because you were the first person I called on like that I needed to make sure if anybody came in there and worked. I wasn’t gonna get screwed. Yeah. And

Delo 12:41
Arcadia was your first location. And you guys were all like hand doing a lot of this stuff on your own.

Jon 12:46
Yeah. scraping the ceilings, doing the flooring. I mean, back then I slept in the office for on and off for almost a year. Right? And I had a little kid with me. I was at that time I was truly a single dad like, yeah, I had 100% of the time. So it was

Delo 13:00
he’s Five, four or five years old. Yeah, it was roughly five. Yeah, I remember you bringing him in the office to

Jon 13:07
set him up in the office with the Oh, here. Yeah, I’d set him up in our office at night because we have this big office with and he’d fall asleep on a couch. Yeah. And I’d take him home if I could if I could get home. Otherwise we’d sleep there.

Delo 13:18
Wow, hotel Ohso Brewery. So was there always a notion? I know, I know. You said you put brewery in the bottom because you said eventually. But what was it before you started working on? Oh, so and doing all that was there? Do you think that in your mind there was a need for more breweries? Or that was a trend that was starting to happen that you wanted to get in? Or?

Jon 13:38
Yes, and no, I don’t I mean, I as much as I want to say yes, there’s always a need for breweries, because that’s what I do. Yeah. I just really wanted to show people like I traveled a lot. And I had beer all over different parts of the world. I just fell in love with beer. And you know, everybody will say Belgium was one of their favorites. I won’t say everybody, but a lot of people will say that’s where they really experienced beer that they didn’t know before. Yeah. And I’ve gone there, but I’ve also gone to places you know, and in North Africa where they made just terrible stuff, but it was different. And I went to a place in in oh my gosh, in Hungary that made amazing lagers and then I went to Czech Republic and then you know all these other countries and and I just kind of fell in love with the idea of all these different beers and I wanted to do this big what I’ll call you know what kind of what Justin does now I want to do this big craft beer bar with a small tiny kitchen and I know that some of these places don’t have kitchens but but I wanted to just have this sort of condensed food menu and and huge beer selection Yeah.

Delo 14:37
And they condense food menu didn’t stick

Jon 14:41
and once we got the space I knew that we had to have a full blown you know, full blown menu and try and create a hub for the neighborhood

Delo 14:50
right so yeah, what you did and Arcadia is blown up though the way that it has.

Jon 14:54
Yeah, I mean, it’s and then the landlords were amazing. I mean, everything just kind of perfect, perfect storm. Yeah, landed at the right time with the right landlords with the right you know, neighborhood and just it really came together very, a lot easier than I would say most businesses would have it.

Delo 15:09
Yeah. And lucky in that when you started brewing who was brewing your beer to begin with? It was a you know, no.

Jon 15:15
Well, I brewed a couple times, but now I’m a terrible Brewer. Yeah. I like to drink beer. I’m not great. But no, I had a gentleman named Johan and I had another guy Dave, who’s still with us. Yeah. Dave. So he, he’s kind of he sort of took over that program and, and Johan, I think Johan was there about nine months or so. And he left and went elsewhere. And better, you know, we just kind of then I’ve got now I have a 11. brewery staff 12 Brewery, staff members. Yeah. And so it’s kind of grown, most of them have been there since the day they started. We’ve had 123 leave over the last 10 years. And as we grow and obviously we move into different stores or bigger, bigger systems. So

Delo 16:01
yeah, and so the stores right now are Gilbert Arcadia, PV. And then Frank Lloyd Wright correct. For OHSO brewery you have any assets and then talk about some of the other locations or concepts that you have that

Jon 16:14
sort of a little old concept, it’s more my partner. And then one of our core managers is as an owner as well, it’s great. And then we have a new little house coming which is attached to Arcadia, so that’ll be mostly me and my partner. And that’s a little bit different than anything we’ve done. It’s gonna have coffee mini donuts. Yeah. So it’s got more of a kind of a market vibe. But it does have full service out on the back patio and at the bar and but you can walk in kind of like you would walk into a modern market or an NGO or a Yeah, you know, one of those and get your grab into a salad, get your grab and go dip. Get some, you know, a little snacks or some trinkets or a bottle of wine to take to a party and walk out.

Delo 16:51
Yeah. And easily dry cleaner. Yep, yep. Yeah,

Jon 16:54
it was Yeah. And it looks like one of those old circle K’s, you know, that you see everywhere around town, right? Well, you used to see him now they’re all mostly gone. But yeah, it’s that one. And then we have my wife and my business partner have PV pine wine, which I know you’re familiar with. But for lack of better terms, it’s kind of a, it’s kind of a Roman style pizza, but it’s thin crust. So it’s, you know, it’s elongated. And it’s got some pasta, it’s got burgers. So it’s got a little bit everything, it’s a little bit more comfortable. We switched from a previous concept to make it more eco friendly, more consumer friendly, especially with COVID. Yeah, our other concept, we knew it was already kind of struggling a little bit. And we knew that we were not going to be doing steaks, right on the regular integral boxes.

Delo 17:42
Yeah, so and, and so speaking of COVID, because I didn’t want to talk about this and let people know, like, during, you know, the very beginning stages of COVID. And with all the uncertainty out there, I mean, there’s pictures of you standing out there, you know, you know, with the with the sire, you know, and and, and you protecting your employees and doing everything that you could So tell me a little bit about that experience and how much it meant, you know, for you to be able to do all that. Well, as for

Jon 18:05
everybody was just tough. I mean, you’re trying to keep as many people as you can, but you also understand that if you keep them you could actually be hurting them. Yeah. Because you know, the government had all this assistance that maybe they could do better on. So we had a difficult conversation. And we chose to lay off roughly every employee outside of manager, kitchen, sous chef, get chef, and then a few core people as well, and some Brewer, the Brewers, because we keep we were going to continue to brew, but it was, it was really difficult. But in the early days, the first the first thing that we decided was every day, if you want as an employee, we had two locations open, you can come in and you can get a meal. And you can get a grill or beer because that’s what we make. Yeah, so we did that the whole time until we reopened. But I mean, you know, and we got back a large percentage of those people. That’s great. I would say somewhere in the 65 to 75% came back Yeah, a lot of them still aren’t there at the moment. And as we see with everyone it’s just a challenge with employment

Delo 19:08
at the moment Yeah, yeah, for sure. And you guys did the hand sanitizer too?

Jon 19:11
Yeah, we did a hand sanitizer for hospitals for for little organization schools. I mean we did it for kind of a little bit of everything.

Delo 19:18
And one of the most creative things that you did that I still laugh about to this day was the toilet paper.

Jon 19:22
Oh yeah. Leaving it all over the bar so people can come and grab it. Yeah, for sure. I mean, we were able to luckily right at the beginning we were able to order our orders and we never really we had a little issue at one point but I mean we were able to our supplier was able to supply us the whole time.

Delo 19:38
That’s great. Yeah, they go to so and this surplus of toilet paper so people needed it. Go in there and get it. Now very cool. Another Another thing I really want to talk about, and I know that you’ve been doing this for the last four years and it’s the one 800 273 talk and I have a on the podcast. You can you can hear the sign But you can see it on YouTube. But anyways, this is a really, really cool thing that I want you to talk about and share. Because it’s important and I you know, I want to get the word out there.

Jon 20:11
Yeah, I mean we a local business owner, you know, as part of get your taco kind of brought this to me about five years ago we discussed it about doing something for afps. To to kind of just say, Hey, you know, let’s let’s donate let’s do something let’s, you know, get some awareness. So we talked about it we did it with, with him only the first year because we did it in a small batch from Arcadia. And the next year, we did it with another and another and now we do you know, there’s probably about 100 partners every year now. We’re hoping to grow it again. I mean, it’s not about you know, some people say alcohol and suicide, obviously are not a good match to talk together. But it’s what we do. So if I can bring awareness, get somebody to talk to anybody. Yeah, I mean, it’s huge. I’ve had a lot of friends, our industry, a lot of industries, you know, unfortunately and have suicides in my industry is young. So a lot of times the suicides that happen in my industry are is younger and age of people. They’re fairly young. I mean, a lot of them are under 30. Some are under you know, most are under 40 in my industry that are doing this, and it’s it’s just a terrible thing. That’s, that’s, if we can get one person to call this number. And if I don’t, if I have a question, I can call this number. Yeah, so it’s, it’s for me, it’s also a tool that a lot of people don’t know that, right? That they can use it as a tool to say, Hey, I think I have a friend, you know, how should I What can I approach How should I approach what you know what, what are big no no’s that you would say like, and you might get different answers, but at least they’re giving you sort of a guidance, you know, yeah, so it was really important to me. Last night, we were talking I was out with some friends from college that I haven’t seen in years. And we were talking about some of our friends and unfortunately three of our really good friends all committed suicide. I’ve lost some super talented people like one of the guy that was that I worked with at dos he was probably one of the best artists I mean he showed and he sold most of his art for anywhere from five to $20,000 and he was a young kid and he just you know he just nobody knew because he seems so positive and vibrant on the outside but he was apparently you know dying on the inside and it was and it was tough

Delo 22:25
yeah it’s it’s definitely something that we need more attention towards you know with this and other things that really have a bad effect on people you know whether it be you know certain addictions or you know suicide and stuff like that and and this is what needs to fill people’s newsfeeds is the awareness of this sort of stuff and

Jon 22:44
and you know, we take care of our physical self I see you everyday taking care of your physical self I also see you unlike a lot of people taking care of your mental health Yeah. So many people don’t take care of mental health, they take care of their physical health, they take care of their their I’ll say their their family’s health, they you know, but they really ignore their their mental health. Yeah, until it’s so far gone, in one way or another that they don’t know where to Yeah, how

Delo 23:09
to recover. Yeah, no, that’s great. I obviously this will be something that you guys will continue for. And I know a lot of breweries are starting to participate and brew their own beer, you know, towards it as well. And I think that’s amazing. Now, I know you’re not a big bragger but before I get into some fun questions with you, I do want you to talk about a little bit about the awards that you’ve gotten for your beer and how you know, basically where you’re at now, you know, with the brewery and the beers and stuff sure yeah, I

Jon 23:36
mean, I haven’t gotten any or it’s my right universe Yes. Um, I mean I brewers have every year seem to just improve just enough and one of the things with our brewers is if they want to take a class they want to book they want to if they want to go to a seminar if they want to, you know, whatever, I’m all for it. Yeah, there’s a budget for it. We have it lets you learn and you know, one of the guys is like, Well, you know, to be honest, I might be taking another job I’m like, Well, I already signed you up for the class to go ahead and take it It’s on me even if you leave that knowledge piece I mean, just like anything, you don’t want to do a job you don’t want to do you don’t want to live a life where you’re not learning right? And these guys have learned so much over the years that it took our beer for me and I will say pretty mediocre and our cores are cores that’s what they’re there for they’re there to be everyday Yeah, but the beers that they have fun with they’ve advanced so much in them and some of them are just amazing this this year we won a should have a silver medal for a lager Yeah, last two years ago, not the COVID year because COVID here this skipped all the words we went to metals, which was great and IPA and and a fruited beer. So it’s it’s really good to see for them. Yeah, you know that they’re, that they’re extra work they’re extra time they’re there. You know, it could be something as simple as one degree in temperature or you know, a lower pitch or, or or higher pay or you know, just different things. They do with their Beer yeah and it’s advanced at that much science yeah and it’s crazy I mean yeah and to just see them how happy they are when they win yeah it’s it’s kind of like your kids

Delo 25:10
I think that’s the fun part for you it’s the passion of seeing people that you are associated with succeed and and obviously you know the business succeeds and it’s all you know part of that embryo but that’s that’s very yeah

Jon 25:22
it’s it and I would say that’s in general like Paul yeah just open up his own place. I went down there and you know, it’s it’s really awesome to see somebody go You know what, I can do this yeah. And and, and if they have questions, by all means, I’m an open but but you do you and if I can help you in any way, let me know.

Delo 25:41
I love that. salt of the earth. Alright, I got some fun questions for you. Well, no right or wrong answers. Um would you if you were to do it over again? Would you rather open a restaurant or a brewery?

Jon 25:57
Probably restaurant I’m more of a restaurant guy. I mean, I lean restaurant, but that’s a tough one because I love brewery and beer Yeah. But I’ve always been a restaurant guy you know I grew up in a restaurant I’m I’m a restaurant guy. I grew up in a little bar in Michigan basically when I was a little kid, but that was a tiny little restaurant. And I still go to when I go home. So it was kind of it’s called the you and I lounge. It’s in downtown Traverse City. It’s a dive bar. But anyway, I would probably I just mean just a little bit more that way that everybody makes fun of it. Like if I were to go out of the company that we would become also Bar and Grill. Because Because brewing equipment is so expensive.

Delo 26:37
Well it’s not too late. Okay, would you rather have doughnuts or min pies?

Jon 26:42
doughnuts? Okay, let me tell that guy. Yeah,

Delo 26:44
they have good doughnuts in Michigan. Yeah.

Jon 26:47
So we’re opening a little mini donut place with all the crazy toppings. So basically, it’s like the I don’t know Baskin Robbins coldstone of donuts. So is it the little O’s so there’ll be little little donuts there but there’d be these ones are medium sized so that the tiny ones okay they’re about media about half the size. And then we’ve got we have a menu of about 20 different donuts you can order that’s funny the roughly we haven’t decided exact price because we don’t know the exact cost yet. Yeah, and everyone but roughly $1.50 apiece because they got you know m&ms and birthday cake toppings and all these crazy like we have one that’s Hot Cheeto dust and lemon like it’s they’re all a little funky.

Delo 27:23
You’ve heard it first donuts. Michigan or Arizona?

Jon 27:29
I would always have said Arizona and I probably would just because of the weather. Yeah. If I could do Michigan all summer and Arizona then it would be live in a perfect world almost like a

Delo 27:42
tie. Yeah. Do a sec he’s or Corona.

Jon 27:46
Ooh, that’s tough. I worked in a bar that served the most Corona in the US So nowadays, I would probably choose Joe sec ease. But for many, many years I loved shoveling coronas over the bar. Yeah, so well dough

Delo 28:01
sack is like a craft beer. Mayo or hot sauce.

Jon 28:08
That’s tough. I like both. I’m gonna go with Ryan sandlin who owns dark sky brewery and I’m going to go with mayo. Oh I love to debate

Delo 28:20
not a big Mayo guy me either. Um Loch Ness Monster Bigfoot

Jon 28:26
Nessie or Bigfoot. Gosh. Well, I’m gonna go I like water a lot more so I’m gonna go Nessie.

Delo 28:33
Okay. Cool. Fish are the Grateful Dead.

Jon 28:37
That’s real tough, but I am going in two weeks to go see fish in Santa Barbara. Yeah, I would say fish nowadays.

Delo 28:43
You know I worked for them back when I worked at Warner Brothers records. Oh really are on one of the labels that we work for. And I would literally take those guys to their shows and while they play Gibson’s I mean that’s how,

Jon 28:54
yeah, fish. Oh, yeah. Well, I saw him. I saw him outside. Yeah, yeah, I saw him there. I saw Yeah, I’ve seen him. I’ve now probably seen close to as many fish shows, as I’ve seen Grateful Dead. So yeah,

Delo 29:07
motley crew. Whitesnake.

Jon 29:11
I think I’d prefer Whitesnake but crews man they were paper

Delo 29:15
the boneyard your daughter listen to the ball here.

Jon 29:18
It’s funny just this morning what’s the song It’s actually in the movies heart. I don’t know it’s one of their it’s a band that I would never have thought was like had this heavy of a set but they were we listened to it this morning. She was like Daddy, you’ve got turn on Queen BB. Which is the Trolls Movie. And yeah, and she likes metal because of the Trolls Movie.

Delo 29:39
It’s amazing. Last question, pro sports or college sports?

Jon 29:43
college? Yeah, all day. Yeah, I mean, pro soccer. I do watch a lot of pro soccer but definitely college and everything else.

Delo 29:52
Beautiful, beautiful. Well, where can everybody find you online this and that. I mean, I would assume ossos got all their own. Instagram’s and

Jon 30:01
Oh yeah, yeah, and if anybody needs anything for me, I mean, they can email me it’s it’s super simple to Jln at osoba. calm. I generally I used to give out my phone number. I try not to do that too much anymore. Yeah, because I get about a bazillion calls a day. But yeah, and if I can ever help anybody or if anybody ever has any questions in my field that thinks because I have the OHSO brewery piece and the restaurant piece, please reach out and let me know. I’m always willing to go up and at least do a walkthrough and explain cost. Yeah, some people don’t understand that part of it. They understand everything about it. But when you get final costs in a brewery, double it.

Delo 30:38
Yeah, yeah, at least especially in this day and age. That’s, that’s amazing, john, thank you. And it’s so cool to have you here and be able to share your story and hopefully, you know, everybody that listening, you know, has enjoyed the podcast. And if you can go on and give john or me a five star that would be amazing. But yeah, thanks for coming. And, dude, I look forward to all the other cool stuff that you’re going to be doing here in the future. Awesome. Thanks. Thank you. Thank you everybody. The podcast is sponsored by myself, bar and restaurant insurance. So anyways, till next time

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