Bar and Restaurant Podcast 006: Taste of AZ

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This is a success story of two guys that got together to create. Because the love Arizona and what the hospitality industry has to offer.

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Delo 0:13
Alright, here we are another edition of the bar and restaurant podcast. I have two special guests too may or may not critique me today, because they’re podcasters themselves. You’re in trouble right? Come on eggshells my friend. So welcome Eric and Luke or Luke. Mr. Year. You have to Thanks for having us do Oh, no, of course. Of course, guys.

Luke 0:36
How does it feel to be on the other side of the mic? I like it. I like it a little bit. No pressure. This is my first time so we’ll see if the hard hitting questions come soon. First time. First time as a guest. Yeah. Very cool. Well, you’ve been doing a lot of judging lately. Didn’t you guys just do the March of Dimes? Yes. So I got to do three of them at Osteria Mia, handlebar diner and Maori and cotton at the Venetian and some of the best food I’ve ever had before. It’s crazy. Yeah, so I did judging last year, and we had to do it inside of the the wolf center, you know, the the refrigeration and all that. And all the chefs came to us. And we judged all of them over like a two weekend period. Remember that? Yeah. So cool. Like kitchen said like it was really the way it was set up. So you guys actually got to go to location and enjoy the food there. Yeah. And so handlebar diner, Eric and I did together and the other two I did with Christina Barletta, and another one of our writers for a taste of AZ magazine. And I liked it that way. I didn’t get to experience the way you did. But going into the places it kind of adds a little bit to the experience. The ambience. Yeah, definitely. Very cool.

Delo 1:45
So real quick, while Luke is speaking and feels comfortable at this moment. So I’m all about

Eric’s bodyguard.

Luke 0:03
You’re listening to the bar and restaurant podcast where hospitality lovers come to listen and learn with expert David de Lorenzo. Now, here’s your host, the D low.

Delo 1:56
You know, Luke, so you know, so popular? Tell me a little bit. Just real quick, just kind of your backstory, I know that you do a lot in just marketing in general. Yeah. And so give me kind of a history where you grew up and why you’re here now and sure how you started.

Luke 2:10
So I was born in Utah and moved here, basically, right as I turned four years old, have an older brother and sister. And so we all grew up in kind of the Scottsdale area, went to Desert Mountain High School, went to ASU for about a year and a half. And then was enjoying the programming classes I was doing, but didn’t really like kind of all the extra work. So started building websites, people needed pictures for their website. So I started doing that. And then it became video, and then some social media management stuff as well. And really just started building out my skills as a photographer, content creator, but also on the digital marketing side doing it specifically for businesses.

Delo 2:50
Okay. And so you specifically, were doing it for businesses? And then what did light bulb come to you? And you’re like, I want to kind of do it for myself?

Luke 2:57
Yeah, well, so I was always doing it on a freelance basis. So that’s always been kind of ingrained into it. But there were certain points where I started contributing to like magazines and things like that, and really liked the feeling of getting my work published. And it kind of pushes you to do better than you may do for a simple digital photo because it’s going to be bigger and in printing last a lot longer. So started doing some work in publications and really, really enjoyed that and seeing my work in places I never expected and so that kind of broaden my horizons beyond just the the marketing side of it more into a content basis.

Delo 3:35
Gotcha. Okay. And you just moved into a new condo, right kind of new. Yeah,

Luke 3:39
it’s not it’s it’s technically a condo, but it’s a standalone place, which is me and my girlfriend are in there. And it’s, it’s awesome. And I’m having a good time. The cats love it. And there’s so much natural light, which I think we’ve talked about it before. Just the natural light makes you feel better makes you feel happier. It seems like

Delo 3:56
yeah, we’ll get into a little health and wellness a little bit. Um, how does I assume cats are your kids? You don’t have any other kids roaming

Luke 4:04
around? Nope, no other kids roaming around three cats feels like you know, a couple of cats running around. And they they seem to get into more trouble than you would imagine some small cats can. And they’ll have their individual personalities. So one of them is obsessed with food always trying to break into the pantry. The other two are just interesting. They’re a little dynamic. They’re like frenemies. They act like they don’t like each other, but they do so yeah. Those are the kids.

Delo 4:27
That’s the best man. Yeah,

Luke 4:28

Delo 4:29
All right, Eric, what about you, sir? Where were your Midwest, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah, Ohio.

Eric 4:36
But Well, I grew up in Ohio. But right on the border of Pennsylvania and Ohio. Okay, so the closest city was Pittsburgh. Yeah. So my mom’s from Pittsburgh. I get people say it’s kind of funny. My wife’s family are from like Minnesota like Fargo, North Dakota, like Western Minnesota. Like y’all don’t even know that. Yeah. But they make fun of me. They say I have an accent. They say sound like I’m you know, I figured out it’s Pittsburgh because Pittsburgh has a really really unique accent and dialect? Um, it’s pretty interesting place.

Delo 5:04
Oh, for sure you have two kids, right?

Eric 5:06
Two kids? Yeah. Daughters. Yeah. Two daughters and an EIGHT. Yeah. Is

Delo 5:10
that why you drink a lot of beer?

Eric 5:11
Yeah, yeah. It has increased in the last 10 years.

Delo 5:15
That’s funny. Yeah. And you’ve lived out here for how long?

Eric 5:19
Since 2007? Yes, I grew up in Ohio. Super blue collar assembly line. You know, because the the car assembly plants were in Youngstown, Ohio. steel mills, like all that. So it was a pretty slick the Rust Belt. Right. So it’s a pretty beaten up part of the country. Growing up.

Delo 5:38
Did you think that’s what you’re gonna do? Like? Yeah, I

Eric 5:40
mean, it was like, if I was lucky, if I was lucky, I was gonna work at the bank. Yeah, like the mortgage guy at the bank or something that was kind of what I was going into. I was like, 27. And I was like, lost. Like, within five years, I had like, probably 20 jobs, like all over the board,

Delo 5:56
and you are one sit away from the bank? Or actually,

Eric 5:59
actually, you said, I should show you the suit. And I have, I still have business cards. And my wife and my family and my friends laughter like, this was you. Like, you look older 27 on this business card than you do 40, right. Cuz I had this like, just terribly fitting suit, like, my hair just looked like crap. And like, I just don’t have confidence. You could tell me I didn’t have the confidence. And so we look at it now and laugh and I hope people look at it as you know, okay, it’s not that loser anymore.

Delo 6:28
Now, it’s all a beautiful thing. So Oh, seven, you come out here. What brought you out here?

Eric 6:32
You have just I mean, no opportunity. So there’s no opportunity in Ohio. I had a some family that lived out here for a short period of time, like, come check it out. So I loaded up my Dodge Stratus and came out. So then, yeah, so that didn’t work for like 10 years, University of Phoenix was an online academic advisor, which I ironically, it’s what pushed me into doing something on my own, because I never was I was always looking for something. But I didn’t know what it was. But I was like, I never want to own my own business. And then after working, you know, that job pushed me to a point was like, I don’t want to work for anybody. That’s funny how that works. Yeah, yeah. So but the skills that I learned from that directly led to the success of starting a podcast because I was trained on conversations I was trained on, you know, I’m gonna talk to you, and we’re gonna just have a good time. But I have like, seven things I need to get of information from you. You know, so that was the train me to do what I do now.

Delo 7:30
Yeah, it’s all about communication. I mean, that’s how it’s all been through sales with me. So yeah, you communicate with you know, others and what makes that successful and why it makes it interesting. Yeah. Yeah. How did you guys meet?

Luke 7:43
So I reached out, I found his account on Instagram. Eric’s podcast, his original podcast is tap that AZ and very well respected in the community of Arizona craft beer. And so found him pretty easily sent him a message and just said, Hey, we should collaborate. And he actually was about to attend real wild and Woody, the beer festival in like, a week or two. And he’s like, if you want, I can get you free tickets to get in. And you can come and just kind of hang out and grab some shots. And I was like, Okay, why not? And he went in swipe left. Now he, he wanted to bet me through a beer conference, I guess. But so yeah, we, uh, we met at the festival, actually. And it was funny because I couldn’t even get a hold of him and get in. He had my ticket. And there was no service at the Phoenix Convention Center. And so couldn’t get a hold them couldn’t get a hold of him finally got there. And it was just him by himself with his podcast gear, and a bunch of merch to sell, but no one to sell it. So I was kind of doing a

Eric 8:45
little bit. Yeah, what that morning she’s like, Who are you doing the podcast? Like? Yeah, who’s like selling the merch? Like me?

Delo 8:52
Yeah, I’m, I’m an octopus.

Eric 8:56
I was like, but yeah, so that’s when Luke came

Luke 8:59
in. Yeah. So we we met that day. And I was doing beer runs, and then selling merch in between that and just kind of seeing how he operated and very quickly realized, you know, the network of people that he had built relationships with from cider core to be Ri and he was telling me oh, go get this beer from these people. And before that all I had really drank in local craft beer wise was Scottsdale blonde. And so after doing that, and just kind of meeting up and seeing what we wanted to do together, we decided to move forward with our first project, which was the Arizona beer book. So that came out in December of 2019.

Delo 9:38
Right there on the shelf. Yeah, pull it out. Pull it out. And people we are videotaping this. So there you go. Arizona beer book. It’s usually sitting there you go. Yeah, so this was your guys’s first collaboration. Big one correct. First

Eric 9:49
project together wasn’t even like, hey, let’s let’s write an article. It was like, Hey, let’s do a book. Oh, that was cool. Yeah, yeah. It’s

Delo 9:56
like a shotgun wedding. Yes. Yeah.

Luke 9:59
When he He wanted to do something like this before. And like I said, I’d worked in publishing a little bit with my photography. And so it was just kind of a way for us to create something a little bit different. There was a niche for it, obviously, and get to start working with a lot of these breweries with a real hard product. And it worked out wonderfully. We got 37 breweries in there from all over Arizona tombstone up to Kingman. And like I said, a release in 2019. So it’s going on what two years now? Is that correct? Yeah. So yeah, it’s been Yeah, it’s been a wonderful project. And we had a blast getting it out there and keep doing the same thing.

Delo 10:36
So are on the book. I mean, it’s, it’s obviously published, it’s still in obvious, you know, actually newer than older circulation and still available where where can people buy this?

Luke 10:45
You can just go to the Arizona beer book, calm and purchase a copy. It’ll get shipped with you shipped to you for free, no charge for shipping. But it’s also in breweries across Arizona, and then in Barnes and Nobles as well. Yeah,

Delo 10:58
I think you did you see it on the my front camera. Yeah. No, that’s cool. So the first time you guys met you, you basically got shit faced and he professed his love to you. And there you go. It was a relationship.

Luke 11:09
Yeah, that’s essentially how I never

Eric 11:12
take a note of that. Right.

Luke 11:17
I mean, it really was kind of that just happened? Yeah. I mean, we, we worked well together. And we kind of shared the same value of, you know, really wanting to support local businesses and kind of take part in the community and bring our own unique perspective to the table. And so the beer book really kind of captured that in the craft beer community, as he continued to do his podcast and we decided pretty soon after that, that food could not be left out of the things we’re covering. And so last May, it was when we started a tasty Basie podcast. Yeah. And so it’s been about a year and a half since that began. And that’s been a blast just interviewing local food and beverage companies and starting the magazine as well.

Delo 12:01
Yeah. Okay, so let’s let’s let’s kind of timeline this or not timeline, let’s um, outline so the listening audience can kind of understand this. So Eric’s doing his own podcasts. It’s tap that right? That is Yep, that AC and it’s all beer focus brewery, focus all that. And then you guys get together. You do that? You’re still doing the podcast? Obviously, you’re probably helping him at this point. But you’re also doing that you do this Arizona beer book? Yes. Now you don’t want to leave food out of it. So now you guys have another podcast. So you have two podcast up and running right now?

Luke 12:31
Correct? Yeah, so tap that AZ totally beer a taste of AZ. There’s some overlap, but kind of stays not away from the beer, but it doesn’t lean into beer nearly like tap that as he does.

Delo 12:43
Yeah. And it’s, you know, it’s obviously a podcast about stories and product and how things are made and all of that. I mean, both podcasts really, but you guys are really celebrating Arizona, which is very magical, which is very Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. Okay, so now let’s get into the magazine, which I have a copy sitting here. And a taste of Arizona not to get confused with tap that AZ or

Luke 13:09
so this is under the same banner as you guys. Yeah.

Delo 13:13
There’s a magazine to go with the book to go, Charlie. Yeah,

Luke 13:17
yeah. So yeah, it’s basically an extension of the podcast, as you would imagine, local food and beverage, so it tasted Vaizey is kind of the big umbrella and then tap that AZ is kind of a more niche version since the Arizona beer scene is kind of such a unique novel thing. Right? Right.

Delo 13:33
And this is a very sincere and loving question. But I put it this way for the aspect of entertainment. Okay. Why the fuck does anybody want to read a magazine? Were so so Oh, you guys, were all you want here? I’ll tell you why I do. Okay, the first time we’ve talked about this before, this is one of the most well done magazines I’ve seen in decades. I mean, let alone and so, you know, it’s so nice to have something to hold on to the look through that’s like really beautifully written. And I mean, artistic wise, you know, just like, the whole thing’s amazing. And so to have something new like this, to come to the valley and to really focus on Arizona Valley stuff, and you know, as I kiss you guys asked here, it’s really because I’m excited to be a part of it. I’m an advertiser in here, the minute you guys came to me, I was like, yeah, why not? You know, if anything, it’s it’s about being a part of something that’s bigger than all of us. It’s all of us together supporting local and so you know, I asked that question in loving care to you guys, because I’m sure there’s a moment you’re just sitting there going. Yeah, I think we’ll start a magazine. It’s it’s really a good idea.

Eric 14:40
I’m pretty sure it said the exact same words to him.

Delo 14:43
Right, yeah. So tell me how this all came.

Luke 14:46
So the the magazine that I actually worked for or worked with, before I linked up with Eric was a cannabis magazine that kind of was telling stories of cannabis but with the medicinal perspective and not you know, Like, party thing. And so people really, really loved picking up that magazine and seeing those stories. And so when we did the book, we got asked the same question, why do a book in this day and age is in print dying? Well, what we found is if you have, you know, a ton of different distribution spots all over Arizona, where people are in there already enjoying craft beer, the book touches a lot of people we found, you know, people at wanderlust up in Flagstaff that tell us they found new breweries because of the book. And so when we start hearing about experiences like that, a light bulb goes off in our head of how do we kind of manifest more of those experiences, and capitalize on our network of people that are drawing in individuals that are interested in local craft food and beverage people that want to pay more and seek out places like Chula seafood, maybe a little bit more on the premium side, but the story behind what they’re doing and who they are to Arizona food and beverage? How do you not want to support a business like that?

Delo 15:58
Yeah. And I think it’s a great gateway for people to kind of step back from their phones and actually, you know, in golf them themselves into something that you know, 100%

Luke 16:06

Eric 16:08
Yeah, it’s it’s a it’s a stress reliever, instead of a stress reducer. Yeah, people love sitting down. It’s pretty cool. Because for the most part, we hand deliver all the magazines like not to the individuals. Breweries, restaurants, and it’s so cool, because you give people the magazine and immediately they open it. And immediately they recognize things that they know that yeah, I love going to, you know, the 100 hamburger or all dude, I love de la right. You know, getting, you know those types of things, you

Luke 16:37
actually get maybe the most compliments of any picture anything, people flip it open, and the first thing they almost always say is Oh, that’s Dlo. Right. Yeah.

Delo 16:45
I’m very sorry about that people from Merck bar was the last one. Yeah, yeah. So funny. Yeah, there I am. How crazy is that? No, it’s great. I absolutely love it. Explain a little bit the process of the magazine and all, you know, not all but what it takes to really publish produce and put something together like this, because this is a quarterly, right. Correct. Yeah. FREE and free. Yeah. Yeah. It’s paid for by advertisers and your sweat and tears. Yeah,

Luke 17:10
yeah, when because it’s quarterly, we have a little bit more time to produce it. You know, this is a monthly magazine, which I’ve worked with before that you almost feel like, you’re like stuck in a hamster wheel. Because as soon as you finish one photo shoot or article feels like you’ve already got another one that you’re behind on. So with this, basically what the process is like on the content production side is we have a team of writers, Christina Barletta was one of them. Marcy Simonton, fantastic local writers that are very well connected in the scene, Alison Baylin, is another great one more, Steven Larson, Isaac Stockton, down in Tucson. And so we will maybe have a few articles that we want to see in the magazine. But for the most part, a lot of the content in the magazines are pitches by our contributors, the ones that I just went through, yeah. And so we’ll you know, just settle on a word count and get that ball rolling. And once I get an outline from them, I can start shooting the photographs. And then so we’ll kind of take the photographs and the writing and begin to build a very basic design and then just enhance it bring in more components. So like in the Alec strat article, and this issue, you’ll see a leaf that is just like a little icon that we pulled, but it’s actually one of the plants that they have in there. And if you’ve ever been in camo before, it has a very unique feeling a lot, in part because of the the element of kind of like a natural design that the plants everywhere bring in. And so you know, really just kind of go through several steps of beautifying and enhancing Of course, we go through multiple edits of the writing and photography. And then we talk with the printer to get them to approve the proof, which is basically them saying okay, everything fits properly, the colors are all right. And then print takes about seven days, we print locally here. So that’s one of the really cool things that we’ve been able to do is work with a local printer and keep as much of this project in Arizona. And then they arrive at our at our shipping hub, which is basically right off Central. So lovely guy named Bill Fesler, who was a huge help with the beer book as well. So shout out to Bill. And then the magazines come in. And Eric takes up a lot of the distribution side of it with my help as well. But, Eric, if you wouldn’t mind talking a little about getting the magazines out in the world. Yeah,

Eric 19:32
yeah. Well, and then also the side of it, you know, Luke is running the designing, working with the writers and doing our writers are awesome. Now, not only do they say, Hey, I have an idea about this. They’re like, I have an idea about this. And here’s basically 200 words of it. And then here’s all the bullet points. Yeah. And we’re like hell yeah. So they know the industry. Yeah, they know the industry. They know the people to make it happen so we can get in and get photos and you know, awesome, but, but we run it you know, very official So as you if people start paying attention that what’s in the magazine will most likely? I don’t know, what do you say two thirds of the cases will be an episode as well as our podcast? Yeah. Cuz we’re they’re doing photos like for the magazine? Yeah, we’re gonna sit down with them and do a podcast. So it’s getting efficient in those aspects.

Delo 20:19
That’s, um, and that was kind of my other question to parlay off of that is like, how, how good is the magazine, Ben, for the podcast, and for all the other stuff that you’re doing? It’s almost like an advertising tool for yourself.

Luke 20:31
Yeah, it is a, they are instrumental to the success of each other. Because so many of the people that we are able to build new relationships with, and make them comfortable with us telling their story through the magazine. And other means. The podcast is huge for that, because I’m just as I’m sure you’re aware, doing it, when you get these business owners and are able to just talk with them and have them tell their story for 30 minutes to an hour, you get to understand them in a way that not a lot of people have that kind of exposure to the owner of the

Eric 21:03
business, even the back because I can sit down and say, Hey, tell me your whole story in 45 minutes.

Delo 21:09
Yeah, let’s talk

Luke 21:10
work for an hour. Yeah, right. Yeah.

Eric 21:12
Yeah. So people listen to it and follow this stuff, just to learn more about their peers. And, you know, but so yeah, so as, as Luke’s kind of, you know, working with the writing team and getting things designed and all that I’m talking with people getting advertisers on board, right, because that’s how this thing’s paid for. It’s, it’s paid for advertisers. And we’re really, like, we don’t want you to turn to you know, page three, and there’s a big air conditioning. Yeah, you know, we wanted our advertisements to be just as exciting as the content. Yeah. And we’ve gotten so many compliments of like, Dude, we started even like business to business. Like we dropped some magazines off to this business. And they see an ad for

Luke 21:51
this whiskey for a friggin dealer to

Eric 21:55
somebody that Yeah, from being on the podcast. So it’s just cool that I mean, every every piece of it is is Arizona food and beverage.

Delo 22:03
Yeah, there’s so much going on out here. And there’s so much room to for people like ourselves to help each other and share in the greater wealth of helping society because it’s like, you can’t, you can’t get the word out enough. And there’s not enough people with all the great stuff that’s opening out here. When people subscribe, so you can subscribe at a taste of AZ all one Again, a taste of When people subscribe, do they get a downloaded version? Or do you mail them a copy or

Eric 22:33
on that subscribe page there is like all the dot like all the digital versions of previous issues. But then what base moving forward? Once they’re subscribed, you’ll get that new issue mailed to you the first

Luke 22:44
Yeah, so we ship them out once a quarter. So it’s not like every time you subscribe, like if somebody subscribes today, we’re not sending one out tomorrow, but they’ll get the next issue. So shipping them and just one bulk shipment. Some people are like, you know, when’s my magazine coming? If you have subscribed to a taste of AZ magazine after, like the last week before the start of a new quarter, so quarter three, or quarter four starts October, if you subscribed at the beginning of September. Then in the first basically two weeks of October, you should receive your magazine and so they take a little bit longer to ship sometimes, especially in the midst of you know, the chaos of all the shipping right now. But if you subscribe, you will receive magazines basically, within the first two weeks of the start of every quarter. That’s

Delo 23:28
cool. Yeah, it’s like get magnolia. You know, you wash your mailbox. Yeah, yeah, very sexy. I love it. Well, let’s let’s talk about your guys. You know, you’re in media, but you’re also in the food business, kind of like I’m in insurance, but I’m also in the hospitality business. And you know, it doesn’t always have to mean that you have to partake in any and everything that you do. I mean, you should partake in what you enjoy. I know you’re here. I know you love food. Yeah, you know, so that’s great, but what are what are some things that you’re able to do, and both of you can kind of talk on this? In order to curtail let’s just say, going off on the deep end and having too much and enjoying it because this is your life. You know, so what like what are some physical and mental and you know, just healthy aspects of your life that you’re able to utilize within your own perspective to kind of counterbalance also enjoying pizza and beer and all the things that you write about.

Eric 24:22
Oh, I’ve got there. Yeah, I’m just kidding.

Delo 24:25
That’s a fair answer. People have no

Eric 24:28
you know, I mean, that’s another thing that kind of goes along with our personal relationship is you know, we’ve both struggled with you know, anxiety or certain things like like that, where we’ve been able to, you know, both of us implementing meditation and you know, just even just talking with each other so I we’re, our partnership is opposite as we are in like, you know, some of the stuff on paper. Yeah, like as far as morals and your values and everything like we’re, we’re we’re aligned, ma’am. Yeah. So, so we want both want to continue to grow and, you know, we just kind of bounce things off each other sometimes, you know, things that are work. Yeah.

Luke 25:03
Like, like any business owners, you know, you’re going to experience days of anxiety really any, you don’t have to be a business owner to experience that. But when you are a business owner, particularly with someone else that you share a business with, you’re going to have a lot of the same issues, right? The same worries. So whether it be money, whether it be you know, working X amount of hours and being away from your family, there’s, like Eric said, a lot of things you can bounce off of each other. With that said, we both have, I wouldn’t say opposite personalities, but very different personalities. And so being able to kind of give a unique perspective to each other is huge on that. And so communication with business owners is obviously instrumental to being able to maintain a personal relationship because you have to have a relationship with the people that you’re in business with. And beyond our relationships, surrounding ourselves with good influences, you know, you’re someone that we are gravitating towards all the time we see each other maybe not every month, but often enough that we can kind of remind each other almost even subconsciously, you know, I was thinking this morning, if I don’t go on a run before Delos podcasts, you know, that’s, that’s something I got to handle, and I didn’t. And so now tonight, I’m making plans for you know, how can I shoot some hoops outside or something like that? Unless you’re positive? Absolutely.

Delo 26:15
I mean, that if that’s something that’s positive within somebody’s life, because I’m a reminder to that, because I’m an absolute maniac on stories, and I just am who I am. I think that’s great. Not everybody is willing to, nor do they want to share their life or who they are, how they are this and that. And so, when you guys are the yin to each other’s Yang, you know, it’s kind of it’s nice, you know, I have the same relationship with my business partner, and it doesn’t, you know, sometimes when people are exactly the same, that’s when rifts you know, can occur.

Luke 26:42
Yeah, for sure. Well, and, you know, we we, in a certain sense, try and hold each other accountable as well. Because when there is something off and, you know, Eric can get the sense of when I’m feeling a little bit funkier Yeah, myself with him. And so it’s, you know, checking in, Hey, have you been working out lately? Have you been doing this? And if not, not, you know, being on their case, necessarily, but just mentioning, hey, maybe you should start doing that again. Because I noticed when you were feeling good for a couple months, you were working out all the time and stuff like that,

Delo 27:11
or let’s go have our business meeting on a hike today, you know, sure. Grab a salad at a box, you know, so no, that’s cool. Well, I got a couple quickfire questions. I want to ask you guys. Okay, both can answer whatever. Major League Baseball or the NFL.

Luke 27:27
I don’t watch either I watch combat sports is my kind of gig so

Delo 27:32
whatever. It’s okay. There’s no right or wrong answers. Valentine’s Day or Columbus Day. Valentine’s Day. Yeah, Valentine’s Day. Yeah, that’s kind of a trick question. What is exactly

Eric 27:45
what’s going on as time goes forward? More realized? Like, yeah.

Delo 27:51
Beer or pizza? Oh, beer. Pizza. Wow, that surprises me in your mouth just

Eric 27:59
real quick. So it took me forever to realize like I’m 40 I’ll be 43 It took me until the age of 41 to know that I was meant to be around food and beverage even though I have eaten probably more food than anybody at my age.

Luke 28:13
Yeah, yeah. It’s hard to keep up with on trace Yeah,

Delo 28:16
that’s that’s

Eric 28:17
so so like, I’m like why did it take me so long to find out the food is my path right cuz I love beer. Yeah. Yeah, foods where it’s at.

Delo 28:25
Okay, on that theme then pyre ice cream.

Luke 28:28
Pie. Fi this out there too because I keep making a complicated pie with ice cream right? I’m the kind of person that it’s like yeah, pie is on a certain level ice cream is but when you mix them

Delo 28:40
together it’s happens right? Yeah. And that’s that’s that’s a good answer. Um, skydiving or CrossFit?

Luke 28:49
I don’t know about either of the I guess guys.

Eric 28:53
It’d be less embarrassing.

Delo 28:54
Would you rather well, I guess I know the answer this for you. Would you rather go to like a big foodie event or a beer festival?

Luke 29:01
Probably a foodie event. Oh, beer festival is get a little tiring because

Eric 29:05
your beer at the Food Festival?

Delo 29:08
No. what kind

Luke 29:09
of ruining this whole fire question thing or

Delo 29:12
whatever festival you are. All right, last one. Snoop Dogg or Pearl Jam. Snoop Dogg. Ah,

Eric 29:18
man, these are tough. Pearl Jam rows. Yeah.

Delo 29:22
Okay, let’s see you guys are the Yeah, this is awesome. Okay, so before we tap out here, let’s go over one more time. All of the stuff that you guys have and where people can find you because it’s important. I want them to add follow them do everything you know. Awesome.

Eric 29:37
Yeah, tap that easy. Calm is the website on all the podcast apps tap that easy podcast. And then we have a taste of easy

Luke 29:45
a taste of AZ podcasts in magazine. So if you go to a taste of You’ll be able to see all our articles. digital magazine, sign up for future print issues. And then Arizona beer book as well. So just the Arizona Beer grab your copy, wonderful coffee table book, but also a great gift as we’re coming into the season. Yes. And then lastly, we do some photo video stuff. So if you ever need any help with your business marketing, yeah, that’s

Delo 30:12
great to know, especially if you’re a hospitality person, you know, looking at here and you need help with, you know, any of that sort of, Yep, absolutely. I

Eric 30:19
would say this, too, is like the photos in that magazine are

Delo 30:22
this is this is a resume of any Yeah, yeah, those are every single issue better and better. No, that’s, that’s awesome. And then are you going to do a food book is that in the

Luke 30:32
we’re mulling over a few different ideas. I haven’t figured out exactly what direction we want to go. Christina Barletta did probably about as good of a food book as you could do for Arizona with the Phoenix cookbook. So if you’re looking for a food book, definitely check out Phoenix cooks.

Delo 30:45
Awesome. All right. That’s so cool. You guys that helped co promote and she’s amazing as well. Well, thank you, gentlemen, for being on. Lou. I had to do it once

Luke 30:55
with the helmet on last time I was here. I think it’s

Delo 30:57
right. Here we go. There we go. I have a stormtrooper helmet. I

Luke 31:11
am I love it man.

Delo 31:14
All right, I had to get my cheesy Star Wars stuff and before a young

Luke 31:16
loop did karate and my Sensei would make that joke. Every time he will talk to me, Iver Fi is getting a little numb to it.

Delo 31:25
Alright folks, thank you for listening to the bar and restaurant podcast again. I am your host, the Dlo the podcast is sponsored by myself barn restaurant insurance. You know, check us out for anything. I’m here to consult you guys on anything even more than insurance and I’m so happy to have these guys in here today. Thanks for listening. Give us give them a five star and subscribe. Appreciate it. Peace.

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