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Road to Recovery: Why Restaurant Insurance Is Crucial as Restaurants Rebuild

by David DeLorenzo

It’s hard to believe that it’s already April and more than a year has passed since COVID-19 mandates forced restaurant closures upon the onset of the pandemic in spring of 2020. As the world starts to fully open up again, there is some rebuilding to do, particularly for Arizona’s restaurant industry. When doing so, bar and restaurant owners should take a look at their insurance policies.

Upon renewing insurance, reviewing policies is essential, especially if nothing has been updated over the past year or more. The pandemic has had a major impact on bars and restaurants and, while things are “going back to normal,” nothing is the same — insurance included. For example, the bulk of policies are dependent upon a restaurant’s sales, but it’s highly likely those amounts have dropped dramatically over the past year for many establishments. Reviewing and adjusting those policies to reflect today’s income, not last February’s, can actually help restaurateurs save a lot of money on insurance.

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