"David has a unique understanding of the restaurant industry enabling him to offer his restaurant clients a quality insurance product at a competitive price. Ambassador Group Insurance is synonymous with trust, character and dependability...the values David demonstrates to his clients on a daily basis. He is a true industry friend and the Arizona Restaurant Association gladly endorses him as a provider for Property and Casualty Insurance."
“I can attest to the fact that Dave is very knowledgeable about insuring restaurants and bars. He has handled the insurance for six business for me up to this point in addition to my personal insurance needs and I will definitely continue to use him. He is also fun to work with unlike most other insurance agents I have met!”
"During the time that David handled our insurance needs we always felt he had our best interest in mind. He is flexible, creative and accountable. His relationships in the industry and commitment to protecting the risk environment in Arizona is very admirable."
“Dave is very dedicated to the restaurant industry and has a lot of passion for doing the right thing at all times. He helps find coverage in reputable companies, that help protect my establishments while getting me the best rates.”
"His commitment to our insurance satisfaction has surpassed our previous carriers. Dave is attentive to details and available to address concerns whether its 8 AM or 8 PM. Claims are never easy to deal with but, Dave has helped make the process effortless and we are glad to have him as part of our team."
“I have been doing business with David DeLorenzo for close to 15 years. Dave is the kind of guy who will totally go the extra mile for his clients- does not matter what it takes, Dave has a can-do attitude and will get it done. I have found him to be very responsive and capable of thinking outside the box. Over the years, I have recommended him to several other businesses and every single one has been happy with the results. Business owners sometimes forget that service providers are an extension of our own teams. David will remind you what a big difference a great partner can make.”
"Dave and the entire Ambassador team constantly go above and beyond just being an insurance agent. Not only have they helped reduce our insurance costs by 30%, but they are always available to provide direction to our ever developing organization. Dave has even provided valuable insights into non-insurance issues because of his vast experiences within the restaurant and bar industry. His passion for our industry is unmatched."
"Dave does a great job for our company and we trust him with our insurance needs. We feel confident in the work he does as well as his very competitive pricing. It is so nice to know that we can count on Dave and his staff to take care of our insurance so that we can spend more time taking care of our customers."
“Any and all restaurateurs should consider Dave DeLorenzo, of The Ambassador Group, the opportunity to quote a bid for their restaurant insurance. In my opinion, Mr. DeLorenzo is competitive, professional, and passionate in regards to the insurance industry.”
“David DeLorenzo has been handling the insurance for my restaurants for several years. He has done a great job finding me the best provider and also handling my account with a personal touch that you do not see that often anymore. It is always nice to know that something so important as business insurance is being handled by someone you trust.”
"David DeLorenzo was the first insurance broker I worked with in Arizona and twelve years later I have never thought of making a change. His business philosophy is understanding your business and doing what is in your best interest. Whether a single unit operation or multiple-units nationwide, David and his team have solutions for your insurance needs. When other business owners ask me for a recommendation on a vendor, the first name I give them is David DeLorenzo and The Ambassador Group."
"I have been working with Dave and his team for fifteen plus years. His professionalism and dedication are unparalleled. Dave’s unique knowledge of the restaurant industry really sets him apart from others in his field. Dave always looks out for the best interest of his clients and does a great job meeting their needs. As a result, he handles the insurance for all my businesses and my family, as well. I am extremely satisfied and will continue to recommend his services."
“Dave and his team have been great partners, they are always updating me on the newest products and helping me understand the coverages needed in our ever changing industry. The are a great partner whether you are one restaurant or a growing company. Cheers to Dave and his team."
"Dave makes securing business insurance a painless process. It’s like having a brother in the insurance business as he is responsive, knowledgeable and trustworthy. You never feel as if you have to shop his proposals as you know he has provided you with the best available option without pressure."
“Dave has been a God sent. He is the only insurance carrier that we have been completely satisfied and actually relaxed with. His attentiveness to any need, question, or concern we may have has always been excellent! I refer him to anyone I can with the utmost confidence. He has proven himself to be a very valuable asset to our team.”
“Dave has been a great asset by helping us establish a comprehensive coverage plan that protects our business at an outstanding rate. He worked hard for us and I look forward to working with him again on future projects.”
"David DeLorenzo and Ambassador Insurance is the only company I trust with my insurance needs. Besides being professional, thorough and quick, David is an inspiration to be around. He is more than an "insurance guy" as he truly is concerned about the best interests of not only my business, but myself as well. His knowledge of the restaurant and bar business is beyond most people and I trust him as an advisor."
"David was the first person we met with when we were starting our first business just over five years ago. We instantly knew that he was who we were going to be working with to take care of our insurance needs because of his genuine and transparent approach. Over the years he and his team have gone above and beyond to take care of us. We've unfortunately had to file incident claims and he is so helpful in the process, even following up with us to make sure that we were being taken care of by the provider. We love David and his team and would recommend him to anyone in the bar and restaurant industry."
"Not only does Dave know how to handle our insurance needs, but he leaves no question that he cares about those needs, and our business. We have multiple concepts in multiple cities and from top to bottom I rest assured that Dave is looking out for the specific challenges each of those brings. A real asset to our business, having Dave on our team lets us focus on hospitality and delivering on the guest experience, and leaving one of the less than exciting aspects of our business to him."
Aaron May
“I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Dave DeLorenzo for many years and have always found him to be very passionate and knowledgeable about the bar and restaurant industry and their respective insurance needs. Dave is quick, honest, and thorough in his business practices, which is a breath of fresh air in this industry. His enthusiasm and energy is not only evident through is customer service, but contagious as well.”
“Being new to the restaurant business and having many challenges in store for me, David has made the insurance piece of my endeavor extremely fluid. David’s dedication was evident very early in the process as he provided me with free consultations several months before my restaurant was scheduled to open. He knows everyone in our industry and is willing to share all of his knowledge and contacts with his clients. Also, when the time came to evaluate my insurance needs, David was exceptional at explaining the strengths and weaknesses of all his vendors. If you have any insurance need, I do not hesitate to say David is one of the best. This is coming from someone with 18 years experience in the insurance industry.”
"Dave is great to work with and understands the bar and restaurant business. I would highly recommend him if you are looking for an agent that has bar and restaurant experience not only in insurance but also behind the scenes. He speaks our language."
"I have worked closely with David DeLorenzo over the years in multiple different concepts as our insurance broker and friend. The saying goes “don’t do business with friends”. This would be “the” anomaly. We wouldn’t do business with anyone other than David and his team at The Ambassador Group. His professionalism and understanding of the Industry far exceeds what most can offer and there is honor in knowing that his intentions are for your overall success - trusting he will do what is best for you and your business. He has everything that your business needs, and he delivers with excellence. David DeLorenzo and The Ambassador Group are A+."
“Dave is an integral part of my business. I can rest easy knowing that he and The Ambassador Group have my back. Dave is passionate about what he does. He provides guidance and constant support to to make sure his clients get the most out of their insurance needs.”
"David has a unique ability to connect with people. You can definitely tell that for him, it's about the relationships that he builds that are most important to him, not just signing the business up for insurance. I trust David in providing all the insurance needs for all my business's s because of his knowledge of insurance, his love for the business and his love for people."
"As a new business owner I have relied on those around me to help navigate a new world of making and serving wine here in the heart of Gilbert. I can not express enough the support and attention that we have received from David and his group helping us be protected and successful. David went as far to teach a class to my staff on Arizona liquor laws and liabilities! Top notch guy / Top notch company!!"
"David, Lisa and the rest of the team at The Ambassador Insurance Group have been amazing to work with from the start. From being a new business that was just opening a few years ago, to helping us navigate and survive through covid, they have been with us through the ups and downs and continue to support us and keep us up to date on everything we need to know about our business insurance needs. Cannot recommend them enough."
"What more can you say about a guy and his team always attending to all the details. We've been with Bar & Restaurant Insurance for over 8 years starting with just a few stores now we are almost double digit. He picks up the phone, he returns emails, he GETS IT DONE. And thats the extension of my business I don't need to worry about! Great leader, great team!"
"I can attest to the fact that Dave is very knowledgeable about insuring restaurants and bars. He has handled the insurance for six business for me up to this point in addition to my personal insurance needs and I will definitely continue to use him. He is also fun to work with unlike most other insurance agents I have met!"
"David understands and supports the industry unlike any other insurance agent and human I've encountered. His care of his clients runs deep and his knowledge of the hospitality industry is truly appreciated. DeLo and his team are incredible communicators and are able to assist with all of our needs. We currently have 3, soon to be four and counting, businesses represented by David. He is a face the industry respects and we are happy to be doing business with him"